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‘Escaping Polygamy’ EXCLUSIVE: Part 2 Of Rescuing Suzette’s Daughters from FLDS (VIDEO)

“Escaping Polygamy” continues tonight on A&E at 10 p.m. et/pt with the second part of “Give Me Back My Daughters”. The drama begins early after the team helped an anguished mom, Suzette, locate at least one of her older daughters still living in a “house of hiding” with the FLDS.

Susie Mae was found after some confidential source helped Jessica, Andrea and Shanell narrow the search. But, those in the house denied she was there and then got the team off the property. In sneak peek scenes of part 2, the team’s SUV looks like it collides with one in which Susie Mae is sitting as members of FLDS try to spirit her away.

Suzette’s story is a horrible one. She left FLDS with all but two of her children. Susie and her sister Rose were old enough to refuse or be kept from joining their mom. They were told stories about Suzette and turned against her. But, Suzette has not forgotten or lost faith that she can spring at least one, if not both.

The most horrible story involved the FLDS spiritual counselors telling Susie at a young age to “train” for being a wife to a man, by allowing her father to help her.

In the exclusive preview of tonight’s “Escaping Polygamy” posted below, Suzette explains a new complication. Her sister-wife Ann began a long time ago to use her own kids to spy on Suzette and begin to corrupt Susie, Rosie and their siblings with notions about their mother. Ann is believed to be watching Rosie’s every move.

Also in tonight’s episode, Jessica goes public, with a strong stance against polygamy at a Utah State legislative hearing. In the season premiere we learned the story of Jesse and his entire family’s rescue from AUB. Read about that, here.

“Escaping Polygamy” airs Mondays on A&E TV, beginning at 10 pm. ET/PT   Image/video credit: A&E, used with permission 

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