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‘Outdaughtered’ Preview: Does Uncle Dale Survive Staying With the Busby Quints?

“Outdaughtered” is all new tonight, August 22 on TLC beginning at 9 p.m. and it’s the rarest of rare treats for Adam and Danielle Busby. In the episode “While the Busbys Are Away, the Quints Will Play”, no kids, not one, accompany the couple to Nashville, Tennessee.

There, Adam has plans to meet with a pastor who connected online with the father of six about lingering effects of anxiety and postpartum depression. In the sneak peek of this week’s show, we saw Adam tell Danielle that he wanted her by his side for the experience. The couple has struggled a bit with their communication about the issue.

During the Easter weekend episode of “Outdaughtered” Adam’s dad echoed others who suggested that a professional counselor, whether a doctor of psychiatry or otherwise, might be the way to go at this point. Adam is skittish about that, and believes he can get help in Nashville. That means, of course, that six kids are left with family members in Texas. Check out the video clip below of how the morning routine goes at the Busby household. Think it will go smoothly for Uncle Dale?

Tonight, Adam Busby is at his most raw and open, as he realizes he’s not alone or weak. The fact that he’s going through this tough time with television cameras following is remarkable and a service to others who may get help as a result of it.

“Outdaughtered” airs Tuesdays on TLC beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT ¬† Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission¬†

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