MASTERCHEF: L-R: Contestant Jeff and Caitlin in the two-hour “A Mexican Tag Team Challenge/The Great Outdoors"

‘MasterChef’ EXCLUSIVE Preview: Top 9 Smell Success and It Smells Like Nutella!

“MasterChef” is down to the Top 9 in Season 8. In tonight’s two new episodes we get the best of individual competition as well as teams. Up first is “A Mexican Tag Team Challenge”, the cooks have a couple of challenges.

First up is a Mystery Box surprise that brings cooks the heavenly ingredient called Nutella®. Yes, that sweet, nutty flavor that makes faces light up. In the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of tonight’s episode posted below, you’ll see the happiness register on the faces of the home cooks. They are so close to the final they can taste it, and it tastes like Nutella!

That’s followed by a Mexican-themed tag-team challenge which can go sideways quickly. While the Top 9 are all good cooks, there are degrees of “good”, including how well they handle pressure. Then there’s that sneaky element of working with someone else’s work-in-progress.

To wrap up the night on “MasterChef”, the cooks head to Los Angeles’ local mountains to stay at Big Bear Lake. It’s fishing time and cooking freshly caught fish is never easy. There’s the slicing, dicing and boning to contend with. Will the contestants get one of those baffling Gordon Ramsay master classes to learn how?

Stay tuned!

“MasterChef” airs Wednesdays on FOX TV,  beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: Fox Broadcasting, used with permission

Nutella® is a registered trademark of Ferrero S.p.A.

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