Stylist Marshall, Kelli Finglass and rookie candidate on "DCC: Making the Team"

‘DCC: Making the Team’ Recap: Makeover Craziness Then First Rookie Cut of Season 12

“Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” began the episode “Getting the Look” at Aveda’s Tangerine Salon, with stylist guru Marshall. Week two of training camp began with him giving each rookie the DCC look. As Kelli noted, makeovers can change a rookie candidate’s destiny in training camp. It’s at least as important as someone’s talent.

As is typical each season on “DCC: Making the Team” there are blondes who don’t want to go darker, and women with long hair that dread a cut. Major makeover decisions were made for Miranda with her thick, long, dark hair cut into a shorter, layered look and Savannah who went from a blonde/light reddish tone to a true light-toned ginger.

The first challenge was to work outside the studio to learn the kickline maneuver and of course, the infamous jump split. It’s always make or break, because it’s the signature move of the DCC. Miranda pulled a muscle and was taken out of the line to do the kicks on her own without ending with a split.

Later, back in the new DCC studio, Kelli and Judy were looking for the ladies to execute the dance numbers learned in week one. Kelli wanted to see their individual style come through if they had the choreography down. They “should” have it down, because, well, they just should! At the end of the night, Kelli congratulated the ladies for getting through the kickline, but called in a few to discuss their dance routine performance.

  • Rookie Molly: Her low kicks were problematic, but she was given another chance to commune with vets and practice.
  • Veteran Selena: Judy and Kelli got straight to the point. “Tonight you looked heavier than last year”, which Selena knew. They told her to see the training staff, who know “exactly what this uniform” requires from a body.
  • Rookie Alexis: She lacked “fire” in her dance routines, with the recommendation to get a session in with the dreaded Miss Kitty.

Well, it turns out that Alexis wasn’t the only one that Kelli thought could use a dose of Miss Kitty to get the passion in a performance. As usual Kitty didn’t disappoint. Rather than destroy the dozen or so girls, she had them practice things like slithering on the floor like a snake, always reminding them, “Your hair should arrive after you do”, after a quick turn or movement.

The Cuts

Yes, they began, and Kelli characterized the type of candidate to be cut as either a wallflower or a flounderer. Before the candidates were asked to perform the dances they already knew, a guest choreographer arrived. He brought some hip-hop moves with “sass” as he put it. Attitude was key as well as crisp movements. What Judi and Kelli looked for were those who adapted quickly. Typically, this exercise weeds out those that are already questionable.

Madeline was told she wasn’t getting noticed, or as Kelli put it, “almost overlooked”. Unacceptable, as we all know and the rookie was informed that they were prepared to cut her. Instead of crying and pleading, she explained her circumstances and how they should indicate she was dedicated and willing to risk everything. It worked, and Madeline was told to get up to speed with the “piranhas in the studio”!

Erin was on her second office visit and described herself as “shooken” up. Compliments were paid to her technique, but her style had yet to approach Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ quality. Judy and Kelli agreed that she wasn’t progressing quick enough and with so many great candidates, they had seen enough. Erin had skills, but had to work on the powerful style of the DCC. She was the first cut of the season.

Alexandria got the good news and the bad news. She had been one of the faves coming out of training camp, but that changed. That night she had no smile on her face when her hair wasn’t hiding it. Rather than that indicating she was uncomfortable with the choreography, she was so thrilled to dance to something in her wheelhouse (hip-hop) she got into it. Judy’s advice: learn to get that hair off her face!

As always the ladies’ colleagues were waiting to cheer or help console the women after the office visits. There’s never a good night to say goodbye.

“Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” airs on CMT, Thursdays beginning at 10 p.m. ET/PT ¬† Image credit: CMT, used with permission¬†

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