Fired Up Garage guys Kevin, Tom and Thomas on Discovery's "Misfit Garage"

RECAP ‘Misfit Garage’ Season Premiere: Will Fired Up Guys Take ’32 Ford Build to Barrett Jackson?

“Misfit Garage” began the era of John Klump as partner, or as Thomas calls him, Grumpy Klumpy! The man was not very grumpy at all which stunned Thomas when he came back to the Fired Up Garage with the shell of a ’32 Ford he’d spent $15,000 to buy it.

Thomas thought he found a unicorn because the Ford wasn’t all rusted out and had good bones. A local buddy of his had this sweet vehicle on his property covered with a tarp. The original ask was $22,000, but Thomas held all the cards. He threatened to walk until he heard the sweet spot price and he hauled it back to Fired Up.

Klump loved it and allocated $30,000 for the build. While that was going on, Thomas, always looking for marketing opportunities – the man is obsessed with following in the footsteps of Richard Rawlings – decided to sponsor bull rider Montana Hand. The young man is an up-and-comer on the rodeo circuit, currently ranked 70th in the world and looking for his breakthrough moment.

He waltzed into Fired Up and Thomas explained his plan. With a local competition in Mesquite, TX in less than a week, the deal was done. Fired Up would get exposure at the event including signage, and patches on Hand’s protective vest with the name “Fired Up Garage” on it. Montana Hand didn’t do well at the event, but the guys had renewed respect for what he had to do to make a living!

Guess who was asked to sew them on? Sue, of course. The owner of ASM Auto Upholstery had a few choice words for Thomas. “Thomas came to the shop today. He wants me to sew a vest, but I don’t sew vest, I sew seam. This is really dumb, he think I’m sitting around just sewing for him? Well, not me!”

The guys also got an introduction from the public address announcer as they waved to the crowd, then got time in the spotlight as a bull was released to bear down on a card table set up for a poker game in the middle of the ring. As the announcer said after that was over, he pitied the poor women who had to launder their pants! Thomas, Tom, Kevin and Klump left Josh and Justing to take the punishment, which looked like it might result in some kind of serious injury, but didn’t.

“Misfit Garage” concluded with everyone admiring the build on the ’32 Ford that was topped off with a candy paint job. Thomas praised ¬†Klump’s work to the sky, saying it’s the best he’s seen from the new partner. Thomas actually used the words Barrett Jackson, to indicate how much he thought of the finished product.

While the guys hooted and hollered, you just weren’t too sure Thomas was serious enough to make it happen. With only 10 days to get the ’32 in Barrett Jackson shape, Thomas promised a Vegas vacation to everyone if they could get it done. Stay tuned….

Misfit Garage” airs Wednesdays on Discovery beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT ¬† Image credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission¬†

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