Eric Dane as Tom Chandler/Hercules in season four of TNT's "The Last Ship"

‘The Last Ship’ Season 4: Are Hot Sex Scenes and Bare Knuckle Fights Over For Tom Chandler?

“The Last Ship” began season 4 with Tom Chandler and his children living in Greece, working alongside a family who owned a restaurant and fished for its daily catch. We were given an indication that a beautiful daughter of the business owner was in a romantic relationship with Chandler. The Red Rust plague that is decimating the earth’s food supply made things difficult, but they were surviving.

Then the local warlord, Giorgio changed that by forcing the populace to pay tribute to him with portions of their meager food supplies. He ran a bare-knuckle fight club with winners getting food as favors and the losers facing death. When Chandler saw what happened to his restaurant benefactor and was promised safety for his kids if he joined the fight club, he promptly left everyone and everything to join the traveling show.

He quickly became a favorite of Giorgio as well as his sexy sister. Tom Chandler devoured her with his eyes then with his body as he looked on their compound for clues as to what they were up to. He heard the stories about some strain of seeds, described as “ancient African palm” seeds that were resistant to the Red Rust. They would be the key to growing crops that could survive.

There he was with longish hair, no longer all silver and grey, wearing nothing even close to official Navy gear, while fighting and loving. It was a sight we thought we’d never see on “The Last Ship”. Along came Omar, the North African thug/kingpin who held the secret to whereabouts of the seeds. Little did Chandler know that his former crew of the Nathan James was hunting him and the seeds. When Omar showed up at Giorgio’s hideaway things went haywire. He was reportedly ready to sell the seeds to Giorgio, but upped the price.

The Nathan James crew followed the trail to Giorgio’s. They had exchanged rockets with people trying to keep the James from getting close to Omar and the seeds. All of a sudden they saw Tom Chandler in his Hercules fighting get-up. They’d been out of touch for 16 months and Slattery got the bright idea of stepping up to challenge him. The two fought, but as pals, of course. After Slattery’s “defeat”, they joined forces again. Chandler outwitted the warlord and his sister, who he had bedded the previous night. He and the good old Vulture team (Slattery, Sahsa, Wolf, Green, Burk) had the seeds but needed to fight their way out.

Unfortunately it didn’t go well for long. Mike Slattery held the seeds and Chandler tasked him with getting Giorgio’s sister out of the firefight. Unfortunately she had a knife and stabbed Mike in the side of his gut. She then identified Hercules/Chandler as a traitor to her brother and the race back to the James was on. When everyone reconvened on the way to the meeting-up spot, Tom realized something happened to Mike. He held the future of the earth’s food supply in his bloody hands.

In the summary of Sunday’s new episode, “Nostos” we learn that the crew goes back to search for Slattery, who is haunted by visions of his past. Meanwhile, is it over for Chandler as Hercules? While it was odd to see him without the crisp Navy uniform and ship-shape haircut, it sort of grew on us. Which Chandler do you love more?

“The Last Ship” airs Sundays on TNT beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT ¬† ¬†Image/video credit: TNT, used with permission¬†

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