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‘Power’ Season 4 Finale Recap: Like Father, Like Son As Raina’s Death Is Avenged

“Power” Season 4 has seen lots of bodies fall and justice, both served and denied. In the season finale “You Can’t Fix This”, the ultimate body count for Tasha and Ghost is dealt with. As Tasha screamed the phrase in the title of the episode, Ghost knew he needed to try to find who murdered his daughter. Tommy provided the help and the means.

Meanwhile Tariq concocted his own revenge plan, fearful to tell his parents it was he that got his sister knocked off by Ray Ray. By the time the family returned from the police station with Raina’s personal effects, family and friends were there alongside LaKeisha to help them mourn and cope with the tragedy.

From there all things sprung. Ghost and Tasha agreed he would go with Tommy and seek the killer, while Tariq called Kanan, who was back in town, about how to locate Ray Ray. As he got a bit drunk, he took his mom’s gun and bullets from the safe at the St. Patrick’s apartment and found Dre. Tariq threatened that weasel with telling everyone about how he pawned the boy off on K and Jukebox. Dre coughed up an address in Washington Heights where Ray was going to some kind of meeting.

Ghost assumed it was the Jimenez crew that killed his daughter, but found out he was wrong. Tommy learned two things when he was surprised to see Kanan in town. 1) Dre had Julio killed and was manipulating the business behind his back: and 2) that Ray Ray was being sought by Tariq. He told Ghost and the two were on their way.

Ghost touched base with Tasha to ask if Tariq was still at home and he wasn’t, so Tommy and Ghost realized where they’d all end up. That’s right, in Washington Heights to keep Tariq out of further danger and trouble. Guess who else feared the St. Patrick revenge machine was in high gear?

Terry Silver, who tried to get Tasha to tell him what happened, and Angela Valdes. She found Jamie and warned him against being stupid, that if he killed Ray and got caught he’d get the death penalty. Tasha played coy with Silver who suspected Ghost was the one who would find the killer first.

After Tasha realized her son was gone, she didn’t run to Silver, she showed up at Angela’s office, asked her to trace Tariq’s phone and got the help she needed. Off she went to Washington Heights, but they were all too late. Tariq broke into an apartment building and a unit up the stairs, found Ray who taunted him, calling him a bitch for being unable to pull the trigger.

Those were the last words he spoke. The next thing Tariq knew his mom, dad and Uncle Tommy, who arrived separately, were beside him, getting him the heck out of there and trying to clean up the body and any trace of Tariq in the apartment. “I’m not sorry”, Tariq told his mother as he shook a bit. “I’m not either”, she told her son with the most honesty she’s ever spoken to him.

She helped him shed his clothes, clean up and had him back at the apartment, as if nothing had ever happened. Ghost and Tommy rolled Ray up in a rug, tried to scrub the place and were gone. What’s a mother to do when she fears that there will be evidence to tie her son to a crime? Protect him, that’s what.

Tasha called Silver and told him a hypothetical story about a standoff and emotions running high, resulting in a death. He immediately thought it was Ghost, but she set him straight. “It was me,” Tasha told him and asked if he would defend what we presume will be her coming forward to admit to her son’s crime. Telling her he can’t be both lover and lawyer, Tasha chose to hire him with a retainer check.

The next thing we knew, Kanan was in a car with Ghost and Tommy, just like the good old days, looking at Dre on the street with the Jimenez folks. They had just firmed up the new arrangement with each other, and the old buddies from Queens took turns thinking up ways to kill Dre without it being right there on a busy street. “Anyone like Italian?”, was Tommy’s question and you knew that Daddy Teresi would come in handy again.

As if that weren’t enough, Angela now has Saks and John Mak reporting to her and she’s loving being able to tell them what to do. Saks has yet to deal with his anger and frustration over her getting the job and found a way to get her back. While she was out dealing with Tasha and other things Raina St. Patrick related, he wrangled Tamika, Angela’s boss and gave her an earful.

Despite the feds wanting nothing more to do with trying to fry James St. Patrick or Tommy Egan, even for the unsolved Lobos killing, Saks found a way. Remember the name Maria Suarez from a couple of seasons ago? According to Saks, she came forward to name Tommy as her kidnapper. She also heard Ghost on the TV being interviewed about the housing project and voice-identified him as the one who told her to say goodbye to her boyfriend, who just happened to never return.


But wait, there’s more, as the infomercial scripts say, Angela was called to the apartment where Ray Jones had been murdered. A member of his team was looking for him when he never showed up for the meeting, and it coincided with cops being called after a neighbor heard shots. She knew it was a St. Patrick hit, she just didn’t know which one did it. Yet, when she noticed bullet holes in the wall she told the cop to check for a match, which she knew they would find.

So, to wrap up: Dre’s a dead man, Tariq will never be the same, Tasha is ready to give her up her life to save her son, Special K, T and Ghost are back together, at least for this one job, Angela’s still playing both sides of the street and Tommy’s drug business is gonna need him back. What a finale!

Some of the best lines of the night:

  • “I’ve already lost everything”, Ghost told Angela when she warned him not to take revenge and let her hunt down Raina’s killer.
  • “Don’t get caught. Don’t get killed”, Tasha told Ghost as he went out looking for the murderer.
  • “The Jimenez don’t kill kids”, one of their guys said to Tommy and Ghost who accused him or one of them of killing Raina.
  • “Gut him”, Tasha told Tommy when he let her know they were going after Ray Ray.
  • “I love you”, said Silver to Tasha, who nonetheless chose his services as a lawyer over those of a lover.
  • “I had to make it right”, Tariq kept muttering after he saw his mom and dad at that apartment.

What are some of yours?

“Power” airs on STARZ, available on demand and through the STARZ app. ¬†Image credit: STARZ, used with permission¬†

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