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RECAP ’90 Day Fiance’ Couples Tell All Part 2: Loren’s Anger, Pedro’s Mom Is a Lawyer! (VIDEO)

“90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” the couples tell all part 2 spent a lot of time listening to Loren tell off two couples, most particularly Mohamed and Danielle. She left a few digs on the table for Anfisa and Jorge too, but if one individual got her riled up it was the man from Tunisia.

We heard Loren’s problem last week during part 1 and it was more of the same tonight. Loren explained that Alexei got turned down twice for the K-1 visa and it angered her to learn that Jorge and Anfisa were done in a couple of months. Whether or not that’s true, and we’re not minimizing how difficult the waiting period was until Alex got the U.S., the depth of her anger seems like it was only yesterday it all occurred.

Her other point was that she and Alexei are judged by the standards of cheaters or insincere men and women. For Loren, that describes Mohamed to a “t”. She has judged him and Danielle as an illegitimate couple, or at the least one-half an illegitimate couple, meaning Mohamed. He was his usual pedantic, defensive self and his wife, well she’s just hopeless.

Shaun Robinson, the always excellent host of “90 Day Fiance” couples tell all specials finally asked Danielle what would make her happy. She wants every cent back that she spent in the visa process and a sincere apology from her ex-husband. Poor Danielle brought a binder with print-outs of social media posts and texts Mohamed wrote. Need we say it one more time, that the woman can’t let go, and is creating her own pain at this point?

Now, on to the biggest surprise of the night. Pedro’s mother is a lawyer in the Dominican Republic. You could have heard a pin drop for a moment after he dropped that bit of news, then the “What?” began. Questions come to mind, like is she employed? Why did she need her son to buy her a flat screen TV and get her and her daughter a nice apartment? If anyone has any idea about this we’d LOVE to know.

Oh, and during the retelling of the War of the Chicken Feet, Mohamed came down on the side of them being an insult when served to Chantel and her family. Paola waffled until she heard the mom say she doesnt’ like them or eat them. Sounds like it’s Pedro against the rest of humanity on that question.

We didn’t get far enough into the rest of Pedro and Chantel’s story, but in the sneak peek scenes of part 3 it sounds like he’s still sending money home to his family. Also didn’t get enough depth on what Anfisa and Jorge are still holding back about her. There’s one piece of business on the Anfisa story that seems unfair. That would be Jorge’s passive aggressive way of dropping hints and leaving it hanging. Either spit it out or shut up. Anyone with us?

“90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” Couples Tell All part 3 is coming next Sunday September 10 beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission 

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3 thoughts on “RECAP ’90 Day Fiance’ Couples Tell All Part 2: Loren’s Anger, Pedro’s Mom Is a Lawyer! (VIDEO)

  1. I was getting more and more irritated with Moe-ham eed when he kept saying “Calm, down,calm down!” he would have said that to me ONCE and then I would have been off that couch and punching him right in the mouth! Day-knee ell had better stop that crying nonsense, woman up and give him the old heave ho and act like a grown woman . You are divorced, move on! Don’t worry, Mo will end up getting his teeth kicked down his throat ,he has the arrogant attitude that will do that for him. I like Pao ,she is a little spitfire,and I would love to ask “ROSS” what exactly he did after he was fired from his job besides sit around all day and whine. A REAL man steps up to the plate and takes any job he can so he can help put food on the table and not be snippy but “Ross” thinks that he can only work in the petroleum industry and everything else is beneath him. Alexie and Loren will be fine-lots of love there . Now: Anfisa and Jorge- what a train wreck that little wench is. I LOVED it when Loren asked her if she had attended a course in Golddigging in Russia-Anfisa seemed to be ,for once, speechless! I was really hoping that the scenes with her SCREAMING at him over the phone would be rerun and also the ones of her hitting him. I read that she is now a stripper with a Sugar Daddy in tow-boy, Anfisa, you sure did well here in the USA! A’virgin” who becomes a stripper and a prostitute in 3 easy lessons! Do you have your own street corner yet?

  2. I find it bizarre that viewers don’t grasp the inequity in these relationships or how many of us if we were not US citizens would feign love to get here if we had the opportunity.

    The American citizens on this show are, across the board, below the calibre of partner they sponsored.

    Loren is terribly afflicted with Tourettes as well as an aggressive personality. Sadly, she feels comfortable with attacking several other cast members without the self-awareness that of all, she perpetrated the worst lie upon her imported husband, that her illness is genetic and their children could inherit the gene. It’s hard to believe that anyone afflicted with Tourettes would not Google the affliction and discover it is genetically inherited. As such, I do not buy her claim she didn’t know.

    Fatso slob Danielle is mental and whatever twitch that is, comes with all sorts of mental deficiencies. Why would she delude herself into believing a good looking much younger guy like Mo would ever find her attractive?

    That’s nuts! Mo was just trying to improve his life, I can’t blame him for taking advantage of her delusion. She’s borderline illiterate, incredibly unattractive, very overweight and incredibly mean-spirited. I’m rooting for Mo.

    George is fat, ugly and lied about his personal wealth. Analisa was fairly straight-forward about her priorities: she wanted a man who was wealthy. To pretend that that priority is a foreign idea for American women would be totally disingenuous; American women seldom marry out of their class.
    It was sad to watch the sick reject that is George attack this poor woman again and again after he lied to her about his net worth. Who would even consider f*cking this ugly, overweight, petty, vindictive horror of a human being other than a woman who is severely disadvantaged?

    Chantel is deranged, Pedro and his family has played her from day one. Pedro and his family are totally low-rent opportunists which was obvious to anyone who watched with mortification Pedro’s degradation of Chantel repeatedly on their visit to his home.
    Here’s hoping that Chantel wakes up before she has a kid with this nightmare of a human being, his lawyer mother will insure Pedro will torture Chantel’s life till the end of time if only to extricate as much cash as possible.

    Paola is kind of a really shitty person. It’s fairly obvious that she had an agenda to exploit her potential fiance, which as I’ve stated, is okay with me. My issue is that she manipulated this dumb Okie to pay her way to leave him to go to Miami to build her “career” then when he followed her there, and they agreedrds, on the limits of what he felt comfortable with, which was her not posing in lingerie, and then she did so. Afterwards, she then attacked him for calling her out.
    Given her hypocrisy and kind of overall slut persona she’s been cultivating, I find it incredibly offensive that she called out Analesa for being a gold-digger.

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