Contestant Jeff with judge/host Gordon Ramsay in the two-hour “Chopsticks & Pasta/Pop-Up Restaurant” episode of MASTERCHEF airing Wednesday, Sept. 6

‘MasterChef’ EXCLUSIVE Preview: Top 7 Go All Chopsticks then Pasta (VIDEO)

“MasterChef” season 8 is racing towards its conclusion and somehow, Jeff is still in the competition. For fans of the show, you understand why we mention that. The man had a temper tantrum while making chocolate truffles in a pressure test, and got lucky that what he produced wasn’t the worst the judges saw and tasted.

That came after he was part of yet another losing team challenge and Jeff had a reason to be ticked off. Tasked with making two separate fish dishes in an outdoor setting, he was outvoted for the one presented to the chef/judges. As he thought, the one left behind, his idea, could have saved them from a big loss.

He is typically the last person chosen for team challenges because of his personality, yet has hung on to this point. How far can he go? Let’s find out! In the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of this week’s episode, “Chopsticks & Pasta/Pop-Up Restaurant” Jeff’s in a much better mood. If there’s one thing he does well it’s create as Asian dish, thanks to his brother-in-law who is of Vietnamese heritage.

“MasterChef” has some headstrong and outspoken contestants left in the competition and there are one or two others like Jeff who have difficulty working on teams. Did you catch the tag team challenge last week? Yachecia and Eboni played the blame game after a bust, truly oil and water when working together. After the Asian dish challenge, the remaining six contestants split into teams to create a pop up restaurant. It will serve food critics, writers and chefs in a Southern California vineyard. Stay tuned….

“MasterChef” airs Wednesdays on FOX, beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT    Image/video credit: Fox Broadcasting, used with permission 

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