DCC: Making the Team, practicing jump splits

‘DCC: Making the Team’ Preview: Season 12 ‘s Media Training and Brianna’s Put On Notice (VIDEO)

“DCC: Making The Team” Season 12 saw its first training camp cut last week. Rookie Erin was told she needed work to learn the DCC style. She had the skills, Kelli told her, but had to learn the power moves that stand out on that big field at AT&T Stadium. Recap, here. 

On the hot seat but kept in training camp were veteran Selena, who was told to lose weight or get cut, rookie Madeline who can’t seem to get noticed and Alexandria, who failed to keep smiling and move that hair of her face. Then there’s the tough case of rookie Brianna.

A favorite of Kelli and Judy, the young teen hasn’t been able to keep up with the dance moves. When Brianna knows them she can’t go all out; when she doesn’t know them, it’s because she isn’t learning fast enough. In the sneak peek below, she looks like a deer in the headlights when Judy gives her the bad news.

It’s dog-eat-dog in the world of “DCC: Making the Team”, and according to Kelli, this season has the most talented candidates they’ve seen as a group. Finding seven more women to cut means good people will have to go for little things. What’s not considered a little thing is the intelligence and poise of the DCC members during media interviews, most particularly on camera.

In the upcoming episode NBC news anchor Meredith Land tests the ladies’ on-camera interview skills. Remember the panel interviews? Multiply the stress by ten, and you’ve got the atmosphere that surrounds it. It should make for some classic quips from Kelli and Judy and that can never be bad.

“DCC: Making The Team” airs Thursdays on CMT, beginning at 10 p.m. ET/PT    Image/video credit: CMT, used with permission

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