‘DCC: Making the Team’ Recap: Kelli Saw Enough, Another Rookie Cut After Week 3, Season 12

“Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” kicked off its latest episode with a workshop run by Melissa Rycroft, former DCC and of course, a big hit on “DWTS”. Melissa’s job was to try to get the rookies to understand the showmanship that’s necessary when performing. We’ve heard Judy and Kelli talk about being “noticed”. It’s Melissa’s job to help the words translate into action.

Video taping helps, but whether or not the ladies can make the changes necessary is the true test. “Flirt with me like I’m some hot guy up here”, Rycroft told Christina. Madeline, already on the hot seat after an office visit with Judy and Kelli says she hears the word “cut” in her head and it never stops. After being told she looked “scared”, Brennan, a second year training camp candidate said, “Sometimes I think about my face too much.” Yes, she said that.

Week three of training camp brought guest choreographers. Bree Hafen taught contemporary movements with a little sass, while Keith Green rolled out a hip-hop routine. Brennan didn’t please Judy with her contemporary dance moves, particularly during the opportunity to improvise. The DCC choreographer called it “uncomfortable” to watch. “Keith’s hip hop routine tripped up a few of the girls tonight,” Judy said with a straight face. Ya’ think? Madeline still lacked showmanship, according to Kelli.

Brennan was called in to the office and she had flashbacks to when she was cut last year. Both choreographers said she looked tense, exactly the same thing Melissa Rycroft told her and also what she heard from Judy and Kelli a year ago. They gave her another chance to RELAX. She actually took it to heart, because in the final rehearsal of the week, she was complimented and stood out. ‘Bout time!

Celinda was the other girl asked to make an office visit. She was told she was right on the cut line, and both choreographers said she wasn’t “memorable”. That’s not allowed, in case you didn’t know.

Then we got into the uniform fittings. The girls are judged by how much material they need to cover their body parts. The iconic boots play a large role in the “look” of a DCC. You’d better not have muscular thighs or be less than tall and willowy, ’cause it can come back and bite you. Fittings also mean that Kelli and the seamstresses have their fingers inside blouses, shorts and pretty much everywhere. It’s just awful when Kelli has something to say like “You’ve got quite a shelf back there”, to a candidate who has a nice looking booty.

Next up in another packed day were the dreaded media training sessions. As we noted in our preview of the episode, multiply the stress of the panel interviews during auditions and ratchet up the pressure tenfold. Kelli said that “At least 50% of the job is speaking with media. Who knew?

Hard to get back to the dance floor and rehearsals again but the candidates are tested both in mind and body during this elimination process. It was another cut night and there were seven women still hanging around who wouldn’t make the team.

There was more learning to be done, this time with pom-poms courtesy of guest instructor Michelle. The night ended with the ladies being asked to perform the dances they already learned and Brianna was called out by Judy. She was told “We’re gonna stop babying you.” Would it be her last night?  Here’s who got called into the office:

Rachel: It’s all about her weight, but it was the first time she was spoken to about it. Last week, veteran Selena got told to take off the extra poundage she gained in the off-season. Rachel was called the dreaded word “thick”, but given a chance to make the magic happen.

Madeline: She’s got an “immature” style according to Judy and of course, she’s not “memorable”. It hasn’t changed throughout the week and Michelle added her two cents which helped seal the rookie’s fate. Madeline came into her second office visit in two weeks with tissues and admitted she still had a lot of work to do. It was Kelli’s responsibility to tell her the cold truth. She was given advice to practice. train and return.

One girl down, six more to go. It was a tough week packed with all kinds of tests, both emotional and physical. Only the strong survive to become Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

“DCC: Making the Team” airs Thursdays on CMT, beginning at 10 p.m. ET/PT    Image credit: CMT< used with permission 

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