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‘Misfit Garage’ at Barrett-Jackson 2017: Did You Love or Hate Root Beer Color of That ’32 Ford?

“Misfit Garage” was a rollicking good time as the Fired Up Garage guys completed the ’32 Ford build and got it transported to Las Vegas for the 2017 Barrett-Jackson auction. But, you know Thomas is always looking to make a few bucks no matter how busy things are.

He found and flipped a ’55 Chevy Two-Door Post that netted him a few thousand bucks. It helped defray the costs of him treating the whole crew to a Vegas trip to experience the auction. He also had to tamp down hopes of how much the ’32 rebuild would bring.

There was talk of $80-90,000 but Thomas had more reasonable expectations. He could hope, as he said, but to be practical he wanted to hear the figure of $35-40,000 that he knew would cover all costs for the “Misfit Garage” partners. When the final bid came in at $55,000 he was hooting and hollering, happy for more than making a profit.

It was about respect for and spreading the word about the brand of Fired Up Garage, and Thomas deemed it a roaring success. The cherry on top was the approval of Richard Rawlings who came by with Danny where they teased the guys a bit. There was that little disagreement about the color of the Ford, which looked like a root beer soda pop. Richard liked it and as Thomas noted, there wasn’t a single vehicle at the auction that game even close to its tone.

Tom even treated Richard and the guys to some freestyle rap right there on the spot. Does anyone have a better time anywhere than Tom? One of the fun moments was the garage guys meeting up with actor/comedian Brad Garrett, who tried to fold his very tall self into the front seat.

Then the Thunder From Down Under male dance team showed up. Even they said the John Klump paint job reminded them of root beer! Thomas was thrilled to meet them, even showing off a few of his own dance moves, which needless to say were pathetic. Funny, but pathetic…

Overall the show was a great success for the team, and John Klump’s paint job was a big hit. Now it’s back to real life, or as close to real as it gets at Fired Up Garage.

“Misfit Garage” airs Wednesdays on Discovery Channel beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT, followed by a new series “Garage Rehab” with Richard Rawlings. Check out the write-up of that, here. 

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