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‘The Last Ship’ Recap: In ‘Allegiance’ Chandler Faced Resentment In Return To Nathan James

“The Last Ship” set its course for the rest of season four in “Allegiance”. The real bad guys emerged, but as in previous seasons, “bad” might merely mean someone fighting for his or her own country’s survival over that of the United States. There’s an enemy on board the Nathan James, as well as out in the Mediterranean.

Speaking of the Mediterranean Sea, check out “The Last Ship” season four overview video clip posted below. It gives some perspective to the geography. Dozens of countries from different continents all share the body of water. As we learned last night, that’s where the James will remain to see how it can airlift the seeds, key to regenerating the world’s food supply, back to the U.S.

Dr. Vellek, finally identified along with his three children, has plans for the seeds once he snatches them from the U.S. Navy and he’s got more than his daughter Lucia manning a warship to blow the Nathan James out of the water.

He offered his services to countries in exchange for them being the first to be saved from the Red Rust. It looks like Great Britain is willing to take him up on it, despite his shadowy past and to some, his wacky science.  We met Harry, an old comrade of Fletcher, disguised as someone other than a British intelligence officer, who was rescued from a sinking ship along with dozens of others.

It was one of the more tense scenes thus far this season on “The Last Ship”, with Burke leading Vulture team, and the helo in the sky lighting the boat to the extent it could. In the darkness of night, with people fearing death, most speaking languages besides English, Burke was jumpy until the team could search the entire boat and determine no one was there to ambush them. While it wasn’t spoken, it’s got to be that he’s still haunted by the ambush that took down his brother back at the base. Wonder how he’s doing? Yeah, us too.

Fletch noticed Harry when the refugees were taken to the James and seems ready to help his countryman wrest control of the seeds. Where does that leave Sasha? She’s already gotten up close and personal with Tom Chandler and there’s that sexual tension in the air once again. We left Fletch scoping out the medical bay where the seeds are stored and heavily guarded.

This episode of “The Last Ship” was more about Chandler having to choose and what choice he made. We finally got some contact between him and his kids. His daughter acted like she heard her mother do when she was alive. She gave her dad permission to rejoin the Navy and figure out how the world can survive. Sheesh!

There were dirty looks mixed with rapturous ones as Chandler walked through the ship and had opinions about how to proceed with Vellek and the seeds. Correctly so, his former naval officers and shipmates wondered if he could be trusted to stick around, even if they convinced him to do just that. He still wasn’t his old self, and some of that was his look. Were you happy to see the beard go? Sasha sure was and spoke for many of us when she told him he still needed to cut his hair!

Then there’s his haunted look when he’s not actively involved in strategy sessions. With Mike Slattery still recovering from his drug trip, and the sadness of feeling like he lost his family for a second time, the acting captain put the screws to Chandler. You’re either in or out, he told Tom, and if you choose out, then shut up and don’t try to substitute your opinion for mine. It’s too confusing for the crew, which it was.

Tex’s daughter, now in uniform and part of the helo team had a mouthful of nasty for her dad’s old pal. Chandler fell on his sword over abandoning her, saying he owed more to Tex than just. Did he, really? His choice was to escape and only to Jeter and Slattery did he admit that he got little peace of mind. He said he returned to a persona that he thought he’d tucked away forever, one that saw him vent deep anger in a way he’s not proud of.

Then came the moment he had to choose. He was sworn in, took the oath and got the salutes. It’s Captain Tom Chandler once again, and not a moment too soon. The James is in the Mediterranean with the seeds on board, along with Harry and what looks like his helper, Fletch.

“The Last Ship” airs Sundays on TNT, beginning at 9 p.m. ET    Image credit: Turner Broadcasting, used with permission 

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