BREAKING AMISH: LA Season Finale Brings Secrets Full-Circle

BREAKING AMISH: LA wrapped up on TLC last night, and, overall, it ended pretty much like one probably expected:  Some good, some not so good, and a love story. Lizzie and Hoj finally got together, happily. Hoj seems to really love Lizzie, so hopefully their little family will work. Obviously, Lizzie had to leave the … Read more

HOMELAND Season Premiere: Quinn As Jack Bauer in ’24’ (VIDEO)

HOMELAND returned last night on Showtime and picked up the action 58 days after the terrorist hit on the CIA building that closed season two. In “Tin Man is Down” the Homeland writers took a page out of the Fox mega-hit “24” with a black bag operation to assassinate six men suspected of participating in … Read more

MOUNTAIN MEN: Tom Oar Heads to Florida as Season Finale Ends

UPDATED:  Tom Leads Charge on Season Premiere as Eustace Brings Up the Rear! Those fans who were looking for a definitive answer on Tom Oar’s presence on History Channel’s MOUNTAIN MEN next season last night were disappointed. In fact, fans who were hoping to see a lot of Tom and Nancy period were disappointed, as … Read more

BREAKING BAD Series Finale: ‘I Liked It, I Was Good At It’ Walt Admits

BREAKING BAD ended and Walter White made amends to the two adults in his life that he truly loved. Jesse Pinkman and wife Skyler White. They walked away, or in Jesse’s case hauled ass out of his meth lab prison, in the episode entitled “Felina”. Skyler got the pleasure of hearing Walt say he allowed … Read more

BREAKING BAD Finale: Who’s Still Rooting For Walter White?

BREAKING BAD concludes its five-season run on AMC tonight and despite Heisenberg/Walter White’s crimes there is still sentiment for him to survive. That is until his inevitable and looming death from lung cancer. Nod if you have heard variations on the following quotes from fellow fans who are pulling for Walt. “He just wanted his … Read more