Kris Jenner doesn’t much like Bruce’s family: ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’

On last night’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode, “Kris’s Mother-In- Law”, Kris Jenner had to deal with another person in her large extended family.  Bruce Jenner’s 87 year-old mother arrived at Casa Jenner in Calabasas and the awkwardness was so plain on the screen that fans could be forgiven for getting that sense of … Read more

New Home for ‘Orange County Choppers’ & Paul Sr. on CMT

Less than a year since long-running Discovery Channel series American Chopper ended, the first Teutul is back on television, with Paul Sr. landing his own series on CMT, simply titled, Orange County Choppers. Not a surprise, one would imagine, to fans who watched the series. The Teutuls obviously enjoyed the glare of the cameras in … Read more

Hotel Impossible: Anthony Melchiorri in Greece…Opa!

Anthony Melchiorri and the Hotel Impossible crew traveled to Greece for tonight’s latest adventure in hotel fixing, to help out a struggling property at the foot of Mount Olympus. The Travel Channel cameras catch Melchiorri dealing with problems both large and small as the owners of Litohoro Olympus Resort get their dose of Anthony on … Read more

Cedar Cove: Eric Skulks Out, New Love for Grace Sweeps In

Another night in Cedar Cove on the Hallmark Channel, and another night of bittersweet resolution. Or, perhaps, lack thereof. Exit of Eric Thank goodness Eric is gone. Well, perhaps it isn’t the best thing; Jack was crushed, as any father in his position might be. But, Jack did the right thing, and Eric did exactly what one … Read more

Trim ‘Mountain Men’ to Workable Foursome: Tom, Marty, Eustace, Rich

    There are just too many stories to follow on History Channel’s Mountain Men. Mountain Men was a lot of fun to watch last season. Oh, there were a lot of funny editing moments last season, and part of the fun was picking those apart—okay, so that is part of the fun this season, … Read more