Haley’s Birthday Pool Party on ALASKAN WOMEN LOOKING FOR LOVE

ALASKAN WOMEN LOOKING FOR LOVE moved the action to Miami and the fun began in earnest. The TLC reality show did something so right, it’s shocking others don’t use the strategy.  It didn’t transform the lovely Alaskan women into Miami babes. Instead the six savvy transplants surveyed the territory in clothing they brought from home … Read more

DROP DEAD DIVA: It’s Official, Jane and Stacy Split Over Owen

Stacy walked out with a small suitcase, closed the door and left Jane trembling during an explosive DROP DEAD DIVA. The Lifetime drama has presented situations in the past that brought about squabbles between the two best friends. Remember when Jane was reluctant to invest in The Pakery? This is gut level, emotional and potentially … Read more

Drop Dead Diva: Bigger Villain, Stacy or Owen?

Tonight’s DROP DEAD DIVA, continues with the Owen and Stacy story.  Jane’s current best friend and former fiance’ engage in the worst kind of betrayal. Jane spots the couple giggling while out for dinner, hands touching across the table. Her anger and sadness are expressed in two words. “You,” she says to Owen as she … Read more

CEDAR COVE Season Finale to Leave Loose-Ends Galore!

It’s a bittersweet night on Hallmark Channel, with the season finale of CEDAR COVE airing tonight, but it certainly will not be lacking for next-season cliffhangers! Well, Olivia seems to have gotten over any confusion she may have had about Stan! There is nothing worse, especially for a strong woman like Olivia, than a man … Read more