Cedar Cove: Modern-day Mayberry on the Hallmark Channel?

If you are a fan of Hallmark Channel movies, then you are going to absolutely love the new Hallmark Channel original series, Cedar Cove. Watching the two-hour premiere, I was entranced; it was just so compelling, with the always-lovely Andie MacDowell and the equally compelling Dylan Neal leading the charge into Cedar Cove, WA. Fans … Read more

No Lizard Demon but What Fun on ‘Mountain Monsters!’

Oh, that Lizard Demon! Last night in the season finale of Destination America’s Mountain Monsters, Trapper and the AIMS crew took on the Lizard Demon of Wood County. Did they catch him? Well, you know how these things go. But, you know what gets me in these “investigations” is the way the guys can just … Read more

Watch Drop Dead Diva Preview: Owen Avoids Jane

Jane and Owen in an elevator, a long ride down standing very close to each other. Sounds promising, right?  Not so much as you can see from the video clip link posted below, straight out of tonight’s episode of Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime. Last week’s episode 5 ended with Owen sheepishly showing his face … Read more

Gold Rush-South America: Will Guyana Make the Hoffman Crew Rich?

Todd Hoffman wants to mine year-round; can he do it? He can if he can find the ground to mine. But, “mining year-round” and “finding gold” are two different things. Can Todd Hoffman and his gang find gold year-round? Fans of Gold Rush are about to find out with Gold Rush-South America. It did not … Read more

Mountain Monsters: Tonight’s Season Finale Features Hunt for Lizard Demon

Are you ready to face down the Lizard Demon of Wood County? According to Destination America, the guys from Mountain Monsters are: Wood County, West Virginia has a fresh trail of evidence that a reptile-human hybrid, the Lizard Demon, is roaming the woods. Now a group of expert hunters and trappers are using their backwoods … Read more