Eve, baby Findlay and Eivin Kilcher on "Alaska the Last Frontier"

‘Alaska the Last Frontier’ EXCLUSIVE: Eivin Builds While Atz Lee Goes Solo (VIDEO)

“Alaska the Last Frontier” is all new Sunday night January 22 on Discovery. As the season winds down, we get a look at what members of the Kilcher family are up to as the weather changes, bringing winter to the homestead. The episode is titled “Hunting Season”, but there’s much more going on. In our … Read more

Renee Graziano and Joey Gambino Season 7 "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars" on WE tv

‘Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars’ Season 7: Sexy Spouse Swap Causes Chaos (VIDEO)

“Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” Season 7 marches on and tonight it reaches the moment when the couples are told to freelance. By that we mean that the boot campers are asked to uncouple for a role-playing exercise in which they switch partners. In the episode “Bust a Move”, the jealousy and uncertainty ramps up. … Read more

Tom Colicchio

‘Last Chance Kitchen Season 14 Ep. 8: Watch Katsuji Storm In, Take On Jamie (VIDEO)

“Last Chance Kitchen” welcomed Chef Katsuji Watanbe after one of the most contentious episodes of “Top Chef” Season 14. He went down swinging, and personified the phrase “Go big or go home”, except home was Tom Colicchio’s “Last Chance Kitchen”. His team lost the dreaded Restaurant Wars, and because he insisted John Tesar act as … Read more

Rick Ness Parker Schnable's crew chief on Discovery's "Gold Rush"

‘Gold Rush’ Season 7: Parker and Rick Go At It, as Indian River Produces (VIDEO)

Early season episodes of “Gold Rush” were full of hope and promise, but in the fifteenth show of the season, titled “Parker vs. Rick”, a late season success story causes strife between close friends. The title tells us the identity of the participants but without watching, we won’t know what kicked it off. In other … Read more

Luke Macfarlane; Jessy Schram in "The Birthday Wish", part of Hallmark Channel's Winterfest

‘The Birthday Wish’ on Hallmark’s Winterfest: Gwen Asks For a Sign and Gets a Surprise (VIDEO)

“The Birthday Wish” is next up on Hallmark Channel’s Winterfest, airing Saturday night January 21 at 9 p.m. There’s a romance at the heart of this film, but it isn’t necessarily the one that Gwen Turner, played by Jessy Schram, has going on when we meet her. As a young TV commercial director, she’s a … Read more