Steve Humble of Creative Home Engineering on season 2 finale "Blue Collar Millionaires"

Preview Season Finale ‘Blue Collar Millionaires’: Synthetic Grass and Secret Passageways!

“Blue Color Millionaires” wraps up season two on CNBC, Wednesday night February 22 at 10 p.m. Each week the show, narrated by country superstar Tim McGraw, celebrates those who got a chance at the American dream and succeeded through hard work, intelligent moves and persistence. These working-class men and women have amassed fortunes and they all … Read more

Aubrey St. Angelo and Rodie Sanchez in "KILLING FIELDS" on Discovery

‘Killing Fields’ Finale: Francise In Orange, Will It Change Things For Rodie Sanchez?

“Killing Fields” airs its season finale tonight on Discovery beginning at 10 p.m. Titled “The Last Stand”, it reflects months of works to arrest suspect Tommy Francise. He will be cuffed and brought into custody. In anticipation of it, Rodie Sanchez said it will be the best day he’s had in decades, but will it … Read more

Stephen Kunken as Ari Spyros and Paul Giamatti as Chuck Rhoades in "Billions"

‘Billions’ Recap: In Season 2 Premiere Everyone Should Beware of Agent Oliver Dake,

Season 2 of “Billions” didn’t come out with guns blazing, but something is heating up at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan. In “Risk Management” we learned that no one doesn’t fear Oliver Dake of the Office of Professional Responsibility. He’s there to nail Chuck Rhoades, but he’ll take down others while he’s at it. … Read more

Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in HOMELAND (Season 6, Episode 05, "Casus Belli"

‘Homeland’ Recap: Quinn Is Either the Best Or Worst Babysitter of All Time

“Homeland” just served up a tasty morsel in the latest episode “Casus Belli”. It’s now post-bombing and for some reason Carrie Mathison thought it was a normal day and her daughter’s nursery school would be open. It took her boss to inform her about the person driving that van, then send her to Sekou’s apartment … Read more