Mountain Men season five, members of the AIMS team

‘Mountain Monsters’ Sneak Peek: AIMS Team Finds Evidence of the Black Wolf (VIDEO)

Season five of “Mountain Monsters” moves on with the episode “The Black Wolf” and we return to the Dark Forest in Lee County, Virginia. The AIMS team had a lot to recover from, covered in last week’s installment. Jeff had a terrible reaction to being in the forest, both physically and emotionally. He ran from … Read more

Joe Morton as Eli Pope with Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope on "Scandal"

‘Scandal’ Recap of ‘Mercy’ Episode: ‘You Don’t Take Olivia Pope, Olivia Pope Takes You’

“Scandal” season six reached its first episode without flashbacks in “Mercy”. The first scene was present day, the morning after the night that Fitz and Olivia fell into the White House residence bedroom. However, she awoke looking a bit unsure of where she was. Yes, as Jake mentioned later in the show, Olivia Pope and … Read more

Charlie Wright and Curtis Tindall on "Yukon Men"

‘Yukon Men’ EXCLUSIVE: Watch Charlie’s Helper Find Danger Clearing His Trapline (VIDEO)

Season six of “Yukon Men” is underway and in episode two, airing tonight, Friday April 28 on Discovery, the reality has set in for residents of Tanana. Outsiders are among them and the residents are dealing with it in a variety of ways. If you missed the season premiere, check out this post with info … Read more

Sheila and Nathan Duhon, "Married at First Sight" Season 5

‘Married at First Sight’ Ep. 3 Recap: Nathan’s Mom, Ashley’s Sister Look Like Trouble

During episode three “The Wedding Night”, all three couples were on the same page after spending the night together. Nobody consummated the marriage, according to them, but they were still glowing about it all. “Married at First Sight” season five’s couples looked like giddy teens as they met their families and got ready to pack … Read more

"My Man", new single by Tamar Braxton, featuring her parents on the cover art

‘Braxton Family Values’: Evelyn Reacts To Tamar’s New Single ‘My Man’

“Braxton Family Values” is all new tonight on WE tv, and boy, do we have a heck of a lot to cover. Remember Tamar worrying about how her new single, “My Man” would go over with Evelyn? Tonight in the episode “Opposing Counsel”, we find out. ¬†Evelyn let loose, revealing all to her daughters. Here’s … Read more