Preview THE LAST SHIP Season Finale: Is It Too Late To Save Anyone? (VIDEO)

Welcome to the season finale of THE LAST SHIP. The USS Nathan James is heading home with a known cure for the deadly virus that has ravaged the planet. What will Cmdr. Tom Chandler and crew find? In the video clip posted below, you’ll see Chandler,  Slattery and Dr. Scott observe satellite images of an … Read more

DCC: MAKING THE TEAM Season 9, Kelli Pulls Uniform From a Veteran

Training camp began last night on DALLAS COWBOYS CHEERLEADERS: MAKING THE TEAM and four cheerleader hopefuls were called to the principal’s office after a week of practice. Two veterans were among those facing DCC Director Kelli Finglass. The issues had to be familiar to fans of DCC: MAKING THE TEAM because Finglass and the group’s choreographer … Read more

HILLBILLY BLOOD Preview: Can Eugene & Spencer Make Mama Runkis Happy with A/C?

This season of HILLBILLY BLOOD on Destination America is showcasing the range of the skills mastered by America’s favorite Hillbilly MacGyvers better than ever. Whether building an ATV for their friend Cowboy or showing up Cheyenne with their homemade houseboat, Eugene Runkis and Spencer “Two-Dogs” Bolejack always have a plan. This week, the mountain brothers … Read more

Sneak Peek of FOUR WEDDINGS: Go-Karts, Hulas or Sequins For the Grand Prize?

There are new back-to-back episodes of FOUR WEDDINGS tonight on TLC and if you like go-karts, you’re in for a treat. It’s a competition show that features four brides who agree to attend each other’s weddings and vote on which one was best. Sound over-the-top? You betcha’ and that’s why it’s fun. The weddings are … Read more

ANCIENT ALIENS: Are Mythical Gods Actually Long-Ago Visitors from Another World?

There is much unexplained in the history of mankind. The further back you go, the harder it typically becomes to verify information, especially information passed from person to person—stories, sightings, drawing, i.e. information with no hard physical evidence. Even today, we know that witness accounts can be unreliable, even if an incident took place only … Read more