DOWNTON ABBEY Preview: Does Lady Edith Open Up and Who Travels Abroad?

Tonight on DOWNTON ABBEY there is fallout from last week’s news that Edith is with child, as well as from the letters from the U.S. about the trouble that has visited Cora’s brother. Will Lady Edith Confide In Anyone? In a sad scene between Lady Edith and her mother, Cora begs her to open up … Read more

DOWNTON ABBEY: Crawleys Dance To Jazz as Aristocracy Crumbles

The news came to DOWNTON ABBEY by letter in the late day post. It was from the doctor in London and Lady Edith learned that yes, she is in a family way. Yet Edith’s pregnancy had no impact on last night’s show, because she kept it to herself, hoping against hope that the man who … Read more

DOWNTON ABBEY: Is Lady Edith Pregnant?

DOWNTON ABBEY wrapped up a few hanging threads and introduced new ones in episode four, with emphasis on the downstairs staff and the turmoil brought about by change. DOWNSTAIRS Mr. Bates tortured Mrs. Hughes by threatening to quit unless she spilled the story she knows about Anna’s secret. Lurking in the corner of a hallway … Read more

DOWNTON ABBEY Preview: Bates Eavesdrops on Anna, Word ‘Baby’ Is Spoken

On Sunday’s episode four of DOWNTON ABBEY, Mrs. Hughes makes more attempts to reason with Anna. Something important has happened to add to the already messy situation between Mr. and Mrs. Bates. After an awkward and sad scene in the kitchen, when Anna comes face-to-face with her hubby and quickly excuses herself ostensibly to attend … Read more

Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Patmore, The Sages of DOWNTON ABBEY

DOWNTON ABBEY has bordered on feeling like a soap opera at various times in its three+ seasons, but when Mrs. Hughes deduced a plot to trap Tom, the show might have hit a high point, or low point depending on your view. Mrs. Hughes as Sherlock Holmes was a bit comical, although thoroughly enjoyable when … Read more