Mini Money

SOUTH BEACH TOW: Is Mini-Money Hiding in Bernice’s Food Truck? (Video)

Change is never easy—but then, nothing is ever easy for the gang on SOUTH BEACH TOW. But, even for this crew, things were bad last week. Moving to a new tow yard, everything was going wrong, from being locked out of the yard itself, to Jerome trying to repo with his cousin’s kid in the … Read more


BRANDI AND JARROD: MARRIED TO THE JOB airs its season one finale tonight, titled “Jarrod Schulz, Wedding Planner” so you know it’s going to be fun. Jarrod has already demonstrated that he won’t sit still for being forced to wear a traditional tuxedo and he has specific ideas of what Brandi’s wedding gown should look … Read more

Dave Hester

STORAGE WARS Season 6 Finale: Dave Hester’s Last Stand?

STORAGE WARS airs a season finale tonight and A&E promises fireworks between Dave Hester and Darrell Sheets. The episode titled “Hestered in the Highlands” features an “unbelievable bid”, according to the network and depending on your view of Mr. “YUUUP” the last part of the season was either great or horrible. Season six of STORAGE … Read more

19 Kids & Counting: Duggar Shoe Shopping for Jill’s Upcoming Wedding Vows (Video)

This week on TLCs 19 KIDS & COUNTING, the wedding of Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard draws near, and it is time to get bridesmaids’ dresses. But, what do you need with a bridesmaid dress that may be even more important than the dress itself? Why, the shoes, of course! The Duggar family is different … Read more

4TH AND LOUD: JJ Raterink Returns to L.A. KISS; Will He Be the Hero or Scapegoat?

Tonight, an all-new episode of 4TH AND LOUD airs on AMC , and fans may be surprised by the turn of events. Recently, managing partner Brett Bouchy had enough of Coach Bob McMillen’s embracing of quarterback JJ Raterink, and he called in 43-year-old arena football legend Aaron Garcia, sending Raterink off to Iowa. Problem is, … Read more