SIBERIAN CUT EXCLUSIVE: Language Barrier Leading to Logger Cold War? (Video)

Last week, fans were posed with the question, “Is the American Dream in Russia?” This week on Discovery Channel’s SIBERIAN CUT, the loggers who decided to take that chance are asking, “Is it worth it?” Sean Vann has brought four American loggers to the deepest parts of Siberia for what he convinced them would be … Read more

THROUGH THE WORMHOLE: Could the Final Superpower be the Internet? (Videos)

Fans of THROUGH THE WORMHOLE WITH MORGAN FREEMAN will be intrigued by this week’s all-new episode: How to Collapse a Superpower. Immediately, most of us will begin to think of wars, explosives and horrific bombing runs. But, Morgan Freeman asks the question:  “Could the final superpower be the disembodied mind of the Internet?” Can anyone … Read more

Jen Turns 40, Bill’s Got A Surprise on THE LITTLE COUPLE (VIDEO)

In tonight’s THE LITTLE COUPLE episode titled “The Big 4-0” Jen Arnold celebrates her fortieth birthday. In a sneak peek video clip posted below, Jen tries to share with the kids the news that she’s reached that milestone. She does it at the beach. We leave the confines of Houston, the hospital and the family … Read more

DEADLIEST CATCH: Mandy Hansen Boards Northwestern Just in Time for Father’s Day! (Videos)

Fans have two big happenings to look forward to tonight on Discovery Channel’s hit reality series DEADLIEST CATCH: the return of the Cornelia Marie and the beginning of a new Hansen’s crab-fishing career on the Northwestern–Sig’s 18-year-old daughter, Mandy. This is going to be a nostalgic week for fans, no doubt, who will be remembering … Read more

Kris Jenner Has No Shame on Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 9 Premiere

KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS is back for season 9 and in the premiere titled “Let It Go”, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Momager Kris were the focus, leaving brother Rob and the Jenner sisters to turn up in shows later in the season. A video trailer of scenes from the season is posted below. What … Read more