Ugly Americans Arrive at DOWNTON ABBEY for Season 4 Finale

The DOWNTON ABBEY season four finale picks up the story almost one year after episode seven’s conclusion. Edith is back from her time abroad, Mr. Green is still dead and Mr. Bates has not been implicated. Lady Rose has fully recovered from the breakup with singer Jack Ross and is about to make her debut … Read more

DOWNTON ABBEY: The Bazaar and the Bizarre Co-Exist

The village bazaar kept everyone busy and love was in bloom during episode 7 of DOWNTON ABBEY. Without Robert at her side, Cora was flustered and enlisted help from everyone to make it a success. An annual tradition for the village, the bazaar made her oblivious to all the signs of turmoil around her, and … Read more

DOWNTON ABBEY Recap: The Pig Man And Rapist Cometh

The pigs arrived at Downton and the pig man was on everyone’s mind during episode six of this season’s DOWNTON ABBEY. That is, when romance wasn’t blooming or tragedy didn’t rear its ugly head. “And you have a good pig man?” “Shall I fetch the pig man?” Both good questions, and the answer is simple, … Read more

DOWNTON ABBEY: Lady Edith Exercises a Woman’s Right To Choose

DOWNTON ABBEY was filled with decisions of significance during episode six of this latest season four on PBS’ Masterpiece Classic.There were pigs to farm, a trip to the U.S. by Robert and Mary’s three suitors converged at Downton, when Lord Gillingham and his rapist-valet arrived. For full recap of the episode read: “The Pig Man … Read more

DOWNTON ABBEY Preview: Does Lady Edith Open Up and Who Travels Abroad?

Tonight on DOWNTON ABBEY there is fallout from last week’s news that Edith is with child, as well as from the letters from the U.S. about the trouble that has visited Cora’s brother. Will Lady Edith Confide In Anyone? In a sad scene between Lady Edith and her mother, Cora begs her to open up … Read more