Win the Gas Monkey KITT!

FAST N’ LOUD Season Finale: Mega-Week Motor Monday with Chance to win Gas Monkey KITT Car! (Video)

It’s Mega-Week on Discovery Channel, so it’s only appropriate that fan-favorite Motor Monday hit FAST N’ LOUD would be racing toward a 2-hour Season Finale featuring … the KITT car, driven by 80s sensation David Hasselhoff on “Knight Rider.” Well, not the real KITT car, of course—a Monkey’d-up version! And, maybe or maybe not driven … Read more

Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman

FAST N’ LOUD: Exclusive Interview with Gas Monkeys Richard Rawlings, Aaron Kaufman

Recently, Aaron Kaufman and Richard Rawlings from Gas Monkey Garage—and, of course, Discovery Channel’s hit series, FAST N’ LOUD—took a little time from their jam-packed schedules at the annual SEMA convention, and answered a few questions about their work and the show. Aaron had been at the convention for a week, doing interviews, some speaking … Read more

NHRA Race, Gas Monkey Garage

FAST N’ LOUD, MISFIT GARAGE Racing to Finish Line for Dollars Tonight on Motor Monday! (Video Sneak Peek)

Tonight, manic builds continue on Discovery Channel’s “Motor Mondays” programming, with FAST N’ LOUD and MISFIT GARAGE trying to get their latest jobs done and get paid–with a profit. Last week, Richard made a deal to restore a ’55 Cadillac to its former pink glory. However, the build is on a deadline–what may prove to … Read more

Who IS this crazy Richard Aaron has been dealing with on "Chopped and Dropped Model A"? Find out tonight if the purse strings are still wide-open on an all-new FAST N' LOUD.

MISFIT GARAGE Open House Shut Down By Richard Rawlings Tonight on ‘Motor Monday!’ (Video)

UPDATED: Exclusive TVRuckus interview with Richard & Aaron! Fans of “Motor Mondays” on Discovery Channel can expect a rip-roarin’ great time tonight from both FAST N’ LOUD and MISFIT GARAGE. Oldies but goodies are on the work schedule for this week, but there is trouble at both Gas Monkey Garage and Fired Up Garage that … Read more

Misfit Garage, '57 Gasser

MISFIT GARAGE: Was the Engine Thomas Built As Bad As Tom Made It Sound?

Last night, the partners at the MISFIT GARAGE made a sale—the infamous ’57 gasser—but it wasn’t quite all they dreamed it would be financially. Still, it may bring the guys the name recognition they were hoping to achieve (well, at least Scot was hoping to achieve). Finishing the build was not easy. Thomas built an … Read more