Did someone hide "Cloudy Day Richard" and replace him with "Sunshine Richard"?

FAST N’ LOUD Video Exclusive: Is the Juice Worth Squeezin’ Tonight on a VW Microbus?

UPDATED: Find out how Richard Rawlings tries to undermine his former employees’ efforts tonight on an all-new Discovery series, MISFIT GARAGE, featuring one-time Gas Monkeys Tom Smith and Jordan Butler. After an all-day marathon of FAST N’ LOUD on Discovery Channel, fans can wrap up a day of Gas Monkeys with an all-new episode. Fans … Read more

FAST N’ LOUD: Does Richard Keep the Model A Money Flowing This Week on Part 2?

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FAST N’ LOUD Recap: ‘Sunshine Richard’ Lets Aaron Go Green on 1931 Model A

UPDATED:  Does “Sunshine Richard” keep the money flowing on Part 2? Richard and Aaron came roaring back on FAST N’ LOUD last night with the first of a two-part episode. Getting back to their roots, they chopped a 1931 Model A–and, in typical Gas Monkey fashion, Aaron designed and created while Richard hemmed and hawed, … Read more

FAST N’ LOUD Back with Gas Monkey Craziness Tonight with 1931 Model A Chop (Video)

UPDATED: “Sunshine Richard” Replaces “Cloudy Day Richard” on Season Premiere? (Recap) FAST N’ LOUD is back on Discovery Channel tonight with Part I of a two-part episode and, as is expected with Gas Monkey Garage, what starts as a simple plan expands into something much larger, grander, and pushing the always-tight deadline to get this … Read more

FAST N’ LOUD: Aaron Races Up Pike’s Peak in New Season (Sneak Peek Video)

Fans of Gas Monkey Garage will be revving their engines again this August, when television’s #1 car show comes back for an all-new season. Richard will be back, running his fingers through his hair as always, as he waits not-so-patiently for master mechanic Aaron to get their flips up and running, ready for sale. It’s … Read more