7 Little Johnstons

7 LITTLE JOHNSTONS Exclusive Video: 50 Shades of Texting For Amber and Trent

7 LITTLE JOHNSTONS is all new tonight on TLC, with back-to-back episodes and we learn something very special about Trent and Amber Johnston. They know how to keep things fresh. With five children, multiple pets and in the middle of a home renovation, we’ve watched as the Johnstons dealt with teenage drama, pulling off a … Read more

Trent and Amber Johnston

7 LITTLE JOHNSTONS Video Preview: Who’s Putting On Her Big Girl Panties?

7 LITTLE JOHNSTONS reaches vacation time for Amber, Trent and their five kids tonight on TLC. It’s a winter activity getaway complete with skiing, zip lines and snow tubing. Sharing chores and responsibility are a fact of regular life for the couple, and one of the most important aside from child care is renovating their … Read more

Johnston Family of Rural Georgia

7 LITTLE JOHNSTONS Exclusive Video Preview: More Mouths To Feed, Chickens Come To Roost

7 LITTLE JOHNSTONS airs two new episodes back-to-back tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TLC and we’ve got an EXCLUSIVE preview video clip for you to enjoy. The show premiered last week as we met Trent and Amber Johnston, their five children and their ambitious plans for home renovation. There are three teens and two … Read more

Trent and Amber Johnston

7 LITTLE JOHNSTONS Premieres on TLC: Little People, Big Family, Lots of Love (VIDEO PREVIEW)

7 LITTLE JOHNSTONS premieres tonight on TLC and in the new reality TV series, we meet Trent and Amber Johnston, a couple raising five kids, including three teenagers. ¬†Update: sneak peek of latest show, one of the kids may need surgery Jonah, 15, is the eldest biological son of Trent and Amber.¬†Anna, 14, was adopted … Read more