Jason and Cassia

90 DAY FIANCÉ Ep. 4 Recap: Danny Faces Reality, Brett Faces Jeweler

90 DAY FIANCÉ had Mohamed learning to catch a football in “Touchdown”, Danielle choosing wedding gowns, Brett and Daya at a jeweler, and Danny admitting he’s scared out of his mind. The only couple not seen on screen were Justin and Evelin, but there was plenty to chew on in each of the other relationships. Update: … Read more

Daya from So. Africa

90 Day Fiance Ep. 3 Recap: Who’s More Clueless, Justin or Danny?

90 DAY FIANCE highlighted some of the disasters when family gatherings got very awkward or blew up, during the episode titled “Watch You Like a Hawk”, Three shows into season two 90 DAY Fiance focused on the selfishness and immaturity of Americans who have not given enough time and thought to how to make the … Read more


Most Criticized On 90 DAY FIANCÉ: Daya and Mohamed

There’s been quite a stir about 90 DAY FIANCÉ and it is only a couple of shows into season 2. Both Mohamed and Daya are catching the most heat from viewers thus far. On social media as well as in TVRuckus’ comment sections there is consensus. Daya is demanding without cause and Mohamed may not be … Read more

Danny and Amy

90 DAY FIANCÉ Recap: Will No Sex Help or Hurt Couples Chances?

90 DAY FIANCÉ introduced another hurdle for one of this season’s couples. Danny and Amy, introduced last night during “I’m Home America”, will not only wait for their wedding day to have sex, but also live apart. Amy, 21 a native of South Africa landed at the Philadelphia airport, met by Danny, 23 the young man … Read more


90 DAY FIANCÉ: Chelsea and Yamir’s Painful Goodbye to Nicaragua

90 DAY FIANCÉ began its second season in a big way with four new couples taking advantage of the special visa for engaged couples. If you missed the premiere, it is available to watch on the TLC website at no cost. It provides background and context for tonight’s episode 2 as the show welcomes another couple … Read more