Danny and Amy on "90 Day Fiance"

90 DAY FIANCÉ Recap ‘Red Flags’: Danielle Gets Married, So Does Danny

Danielle and Mohamed as well as Danny and Amy were married on the latest 90 DAY FIANCÉ episode titled “Red Flags”. One was awkward as could be with guests full of doubts and the other was joyful and healing. Which one do you think had the better vibe? If you watched 90 DAY FIANCÉ  this … Read more


90 DAY FIANCÉ: EXCLUSIVE Video of Danielle and Mohamed’s Wedding Day

90 DAY FIANCÉ has reached the time for Danielle and Mohamed’s wedding. In the upcoming episode ominously titled “Red Flags” they are ready to walk down the aisle and take vows. Will it go as planned? In the exclusive video clip posted below, we get to see Danielle with her bridesmaids as they prep her … Read more

Jason and Cassia

90 DAY FIANCÉ Recap: Mohamed’s Final Decision and Cassia’s Warning

90 DAY FIANCÉ is about to wrap up for the season and four couples seem to have it all figured out, while two are on shaky ground. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of Tell-All Special: Daya explains ‘fake’ complaint, Brett defends mom.  In “Going Once, Going Twice….Gone?” we saw that Danielle and Mohamed decided to go through with the … Read more

90 DAY FIANCÉ Preview: Mohamed’s Lawyer Makes Matters Worse

On the next 90 DAY FIANCÉ titled “Going Once, Going Twice…Gone?” our couples edge even closer to their 90-day deadline for getting married or splitting up. Justin and Evelin Last week, Evelin and future mother-in-law Martha teared up at the bridal shop. Both wish Justin would allow his family, at least his mother to attend … Read more

90 Day Fiance

Jason Learns It’s Cassia’s Way, Even in Vegas On 90 DAY FIANCÉ

The story of Jason and Cassia is unlike any of the others on 90 DAY FIANCÉ and that’s saying something. During last night’s “I Have To Tell You Something” the couple finally chose a wedding site but jealousy is back front and center. Cassia harangued Jason via Skype prior to her arrival in America. She needs … Read more