Atz Lee Kilcher on "Alaska: The Last Frontier"

‘Alaska the Last Frontier’: Jane Says ‘Hell No’, Will Atz Lee Spend Winter Alone ?

Updated: Atz Kilcher just announced his memoir and he spares no one. “Alaska the Last Frontier” concluded its season with the finale that promised to give us Jane’s answer to husband Atz Lee’s inquiry about her willingness to move to his new cabin. The heavy artillery was brought in to complete the dwelling, including windows and … Read more

Jane Kilcher, wife of Atz Lee, on "Alaska: The Last Frontier" on Discovery

‘Alaska the Last Frontier’ Season Finale: Time Has Come For Jane’s Big Decision (VIDEO)

“Alaska the Last Frontier” says farewell to the season tonight on Discovery, in “Decision Time”. Gee, makes you wonder what that refers to. Puhleeze, it’s been building all season and we’re promised an answer in the season finale. Will she or won’t she? After the season finale, stay tuned for “Otto’s Boneyard”, which Discovery is … Read more

Atz Lee Kilcher, Alaska: The Last Frontier, Discovery Channel

Unseen Footage Of Atz Lee’s Recovery on ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’

Discovery has a present for fans of “Alaska: The Last Frontier”, even though it is no longer the gift giving season. The network has amassed scenes from previously aired shows and added unseen footage for some very special hour-long shows. The enhanced episodes begin tonight, Sunday January 22 at 10 p.m., immediately following the latest … Read more

Eve, baby Findlay and Eivin Kilcher on "Alaska the Last Frontier"

‘Alaska the Last Frontier’ EXCLUSIVE: Eivin Builds While Atz Lee Goes Solo (VIDEO)

“Alaska the Last Frontier” is all new Sunday night January 22 on Discovery. As the season winds down, we get a look at what members of the Kilcher family are up to as the weather changes, bringing winter to the homestead. The episode is titled “Hunting Season”, but there’s much more going on. In our … Read more