Dredging under water on "Bering Sea Gold"

‘Bering Sea Gold’: Sneak Peek Of Zeke and Emily’s Make Or Break Season Moment (VIDEO)

The new season “Bering Sea Gold” is only a few episodes old and already one of the teams featured is in a do-or-die situation. In tonight’s show, “Proving Day”, there’s only so much money left in the coffers before Zeke and Emily declare the season a bust. Because all the teams had to look for new … Read more

‘Bering Sea Gold’ Season 8: Shawn Pomrenke Is Out of Air at The Bluff (VIDEO)

“Bering Sea Gold” continues its new season with the episode “Hail Mary”, which conjures up Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers throwing into the end zone with time running out. Is it already late for the Kellys, Mr. Gold and the team of Zeke and Emily? They are struggling, which for the Kellys is not … Read more

Shawn Pomrenke, "Bering Sea Gold" on Discovery

‘Bering Sea Gold’ Preview: Watch Zeke and Emily Put Lives In Grave Danger (VIDEO)

“Bering Sea Gold” continues its eighth season tonight, Wednesday February 8 on Discovery. In the episode titled “Cruel Summer” the teams jump into their new locations, literally and figuratively. Zeke and Emily begin their time off Sledge Island, and true danger strikes almost immediately. They know the risks of working in the strong currents off … Read more

"Bering Sea Gold", season 8 on Discovery

‘Bering Sea Gold’ Season 8 Premiere: Bets Placed on New Mining Grounds, May the Best Team Win

Update: Watch sneak peek of episode 2: Zeke & Emily in mortal danger “Bering Sea Gold” began its eighth season with a complete facelift. Gone are the familiar claims on the water where the Pomrenkes and Zeke made a good living in the past. The gold in and around Nome was drying up and it … Read more

BERING SEA GOLD, Discovery Channel. Shawn Pomrenke, Season Premiere.

‘Bering Sea Gold’ Video Exclusive: Season Premiere Finds Shawn Exploding His Empire Reach Tonight!

Money is king in Nome, Alaska, with a modern-day gold rush hitting during the 2016 ice-mining season. And, “Bering Sea Gold” fans all know: Where there is gold, there will be Shawn Pomrenke, AKA “Mr. Gold.” So tonight, fans can get ready for something big to go down on the all-new Season Premiere of “Bering … Read more