BETTER CALL SAUL ‘RICO’ Video Preview: Jimmy Finds Something Disturbing

BETTER CALL SAUL is new tonight on AMC, with episode 8 “RICO” and if you thought Jimmy McGill was trying hard to prove himself to Chuck, get ready for even more of that. When we last left Jimmy, he had vanquished the Kettlemans, but at what cost? Instead of bleeding them dry for legal fees … Read more

The Kettlemans

BETTER CALL SAUL Recap ‘Bingo’: Mike Sinks The Kettlemans

During the BETTER CALL SAUL episode “Bingo”, Jimmy McGill and Mike Ehrmantraut began the partnership that would become a hallmark of Saul Goodman’s law practice in Breaking Bad. Mike’s skills solved McGill’s dilemma with the ever-present Kettlemans, that deluded and greedy couple who couldn’t come to terms with taking a plea deal on the expected … Read more

Bob Odenkirk

BETTER CALL SAUL ‘Hero’ Recap: Climb Every Billboard ‘Til You Find Your Dream

BETTER CALL SAUL took us deeper into the formative years of Jimmy McGill, small time hustler who grew up to be Saul Goodman during the episode, “Hero”. We also got the origin, at least it sounded like it, of the name Saul Goodman. As a young street hood McGill was asked his name by a … Read more

Michael Mando

BETTER CALL SAUL ‘Nacho’ Recap: The Kettlemans Love Camping, Who Knew?

BETTER CALL SAUL aired its episode three “Nacho” and we got a bit of history, learning more about how small time pain-in-the-butt Jimmy McGill found his way to Alburquerque and his persona as Saul Goodman. It’s not complicated or nuanced in any way. The show opened with Chuck McGill as a functioning man and lawyer … Read more

Raymond Cruz (Tuco) Bob Odenkirk (Jimmy McGill)

BETTER CALL SAUL Ep. 2 ‘Mijo’ Introduces Tuco and Birth of Saul Goodman

BETTER CALL SAUL aired episode 2 of its premiere season and if you watched, you witnessed the beginning of the Tuco-Saul relationship. Tuco’s face and attitude are both well known to fans of BREAKING BAD. In “Mijo” Jimmy McGill, had his first encounter with the bad, bad man from seasons one and two of that … Read more