Evelyn Braxton, matriarch of the Braxton Family, part of "Braxton Family Values"

‘That’s Where He Wanted To Be’, Evelyn Reveals All On ‘Braxton Family Values’ About Ex Cheating

Miss Evelyn had a tough night on “Braxton Family Values” and so did her daughters. Not only did Evelyn have to deal with the news that her ex Michael and his wife are in the discussion for the family vacation, there was Tamar Braxton’s new single “My Man”. Evelyn and the sisters were invited to … Read more

"My Man", new single by Tamar Braxton, featuring her parents on the cover art

‘Braxton Family Values’: Evelyn Reacts To Tamar’s New Single ‘My Man’

“Braxton Family Values” is all new tonight on WE tv, and boy, do we have a heck of a lot to cover. Remember Tamar worrying about how her new single, “My Man” would go over with Evelyn? Tonight in the episode “Opposing Counsel”, we find out. ¬†Evelyn let loose, revealing all to her daughters. Here’s … Read more

Tamar Braxton on "Braxton Family Values

‘Braxton Family Values’: Deleted Scene of Tamar Talking Cocktails and Grilled Cheese (VIDEO)

Tonight on the next “Braxton Family Values”, it’s time for lawyers, pop-up restaurants and arrests. In “Pop Up, Pop Off”, we catch up with the sisters after they managed to get through the visit with Bishop Jakes. Yes, we know there was a singing malfunction, but that is behind them! It’s time for the Bar … Read more

Bishop T.D. Jakes on "Braxton Family Values"

‘Braxton Family Values’: Will Bishop Jakes Blow Up Sisters’ Relationship on His Show? (Sneak Peek)

“Toni don’t ever remember her notes when she sings with the group,” says Tamar Braxton on the next “Braxton Family Values”. “That’s why she’s Toni Braxton living legend – by herself.” What the heck is that about? You’re going to find out Thursday April 13 at 9 p.m. on WE tv. Check out the video … Read more

‘Braxton Family Values’ Preview: Tamar Shocker, Plus Scoop on Toni and Birdman (VIDEO)

“Braxton Family Values” continues tonight on WE tv with the episode “Bird on the Brain”, and you know who that’s about, right? Tamar is out of her mind trying to get Toni to spill even a drop of tea about her and Birdman. How do we know this is for real? He meets Daddy Braxton, … Read more