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‘Braxton Family Values’ Season 5: Tamar’s Fried Chicken Behavior, Gabe’s Back For Real (VIDEO)

In “What’s the T With You and B?”, Gabe returned and it looks like for good and Evelyn walked a fashion show where Tamar ‘s surprising behavior brought up a big question on “Braxton Family Values”. In the last week, rumors have circulated about trouble in her marriage to Vince. Do you think the sisters … Read more

Trina Braxton on "Braxton Family Values"

‘Braxton Family Values’ Season 5: Tamar Horrified by Traci and Her VaJayJay Issues (VIDEO)

“Braxton Family Values” returns tonight on WE tv with “Wasband’s Back”. There are three key stories to watch for, and we can begin with Traci’s post-surgery issues “down there”. There’s lingering cramping and discomfort, which is news to sister Tamar. When Traci grabs frozen peas out of Tamar’s freezer and applies the package to her … Read more

‘Braxton Family Values’ Season 5: Tamar Goes Off on Trina About Talks With Gabe (VIDEO)

“Braxton Family Values” returns tonight with a new episode, “You Want that Old Thang Back?”  that runs the gamut from cooking class to acting class. The show gets its title from the reaction of the sisters to Trina’s revelation about ex-husband Gabe. Last week we watched her call him after a therapy session and take … Read more

Tamar Braxton in WE tv's "Braxton Family Values"

‘Braxton Family Values’ Season 5: Tamar’s First Performance Since Surgery (VIDEO)

“Braxton Family Values” takes us through an event for Tamar Braxton that reveals she can still get nervous about performing. In “Toni’s Got a Ditty”, Tamar has the honor of singing for Smokey Robinson, a music legend and she’s so nervous she about comes apart in the car taking her to the event. It’s her first … Read more

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‘Braxton Family Values’ Season 5: Can Toni Braxton Fire Her Sisters Without Fireworks? (VIDEO)

“Braxton Family Values” is all new tonight on WE tv, and in the episode titled, “You Gotta Get Pelvic To Pelvic” we get to see some performing by the Sisters Braxton, which is always fun to watch. While we love the background family issues, these are talented ladies and sometimes it’s easy to forget that … Read more