Pastor T. D. Jakes

BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES Recap: Bishop Jakes Says They Don’t Respect Black Women

In last night’s BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES, Bishop T.D. Jakes rendered his opinion of what ails the family and how to fix it. It was harsh and to the point. Were you shocked or happy they were called out? Mom Evelyn had asked Jakes into the situation among her daughters that never goes away. It always … Read more

Bishop T. D. Jakes with Braxtons

BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES Preview: Bishop Jakes Speaks Sad Truth To Sisters (VIDEO)

Bishop T.D. Jakes lectures the Braxtons about the sisters’ feud tonight on an all new BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES. He’s blunt and it’s unclear if Tamar vs. the others will ever truly end. His cure for what ails them surrounds giving up the concept of anyone being “right” or winning the tug-of-war that’s ever present. In … Read more

Pastor T. D. Jakes

Preview BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES: Pastor T.D. Jakes Tries Tamar, Sisters Intervention

BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES delves into Tamar’s absence from UNCF event at which Toni and son Diezel made a presentation. Tamar had every intention to be there and actually was driven up to the drop-off point, but sped away when she saw her “stalker” walking in the group surrounding members of her family. The event went … Read more


BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES Preview: Tamar Misses Toni’s Big Moment Without Notice (VIDEO)

BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES goes from the sublime to the ridiculous tonight in “Queen of the Everglades” and Traci learns one lesson. After getting close to a huge and hungry alligator on a tour among the creatures in the Florida Everglades, she swears to change her buying habits. “I will never get another alligator-crocodile purse in … Read more

Tamar and Traci Braxton

BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES Preview: Bowling Party Blowup, Sisters Still At Odds (VIDEO)

BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES is all new tonight with “Sisters Strike Out” on WE tv at 9 p.m. ET/PT, but at least one thing is very familiar. That would be another talk between Tamar and mom Evelyn about her inability to square things will all her sisters. They end up on a sisters’ bowling night. Oh … Read more