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BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES Update: Toni Astounded Trina’s With a Black Guy (VIDEO)

Tonight, BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES dives deep into Trina’s costume party in a big way. She’s turning 40 as she goes through a nasty divorce from Gabe and wanted the party to be special. ¬†UPDATE with spoilers posted below. So, everyone’s got to come up with a costume inspired by a super hero. Trina went shopping … Read more

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Preview of BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES: Tamar vs. Trina Gets Worse (VIDEO)

When BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES premiered its new season women tuned in to the show in record numbers. The first two episodes of the season covered Trina’s nasty divorce woes, Traci’s son springing a wedding on his parents, Evelyn’s successful back surgery and of course, Tamar feeling all put out about something most of the time. … Read more

Preview BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES: Watch Tamar Admit Tasting Marijuana Edibles (VIDEO)

BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES presents “Ms E-mergency” tonight for episode two of the new season and the sisters deal with the two subjects introduced in the season premiere. Evelyn’s surgery and Trina’s divorce. When we last left the Braxton ladies they were trying very hard not to say “I told you so” to Trina. Her up-and-down … Read more

Braxton Family Values

Preview BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES Season Premiere: Who’s Divorcing, Who Needs Surgery? (VIDEO)

BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES premieres its new season Thursday May 21 on WE tv with the episode, “Go For the Jugular” and the title lets you know they’re back and with a vengeance. What’s on the agenda? Let’s start with the fact that the fractured group of sisters needs a family crisis to reunite, but reunite … Read more

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BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES Recap: Sisters Speak Truth To Egotistic Tamar (VIDEOS)

BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES concluded its season with the episode “A Split Decision” and the split is all about the sisters going their separate ways in their professional lives. Tamar, as seen in the video clip posted below, is bound and determined to stop all the fighting with her family. Her decision is not to look … Read more