BREAKING AMISH: LA Season Finale Brings Secrets Full-Circle

BREAKING AMISH: LA wrapped up on TLC last night, and, overall, it ended pretty much like one probably expected:  Some good, some not so good, and a love story. Lizzie and Hoj finally got together, happily. Hoj seems to really love Lizzie, so hopefully their little family will work. Obviously, Lizzie had to leave the … Read more

BREAKING AMISH: Lizzie Turns Away Baby’s Father, Sam Admits Sleeping with Betsy

TLCs BREAKING AMISH: LA cast is having a hard time settling back into Amish life—and some of them may not even get close. This week Sam learned that sister Lizzie’s baby was not the child of a white Amish man, but of a black English man, Hoj. He was clearly upset—left the room as soon … Read more

BREAKING AMISH: LA Cast Goes Home to Face Harsh Realities

Is the cast of Breaking Amish: LA for real? I certainly hope not. Returning to their hometowns, the cast members seemed shocked to find that—gasp—their Amish communities were less than happy to see them. Of course, they were not exactly respectful with their returns—they could have at least changed back into their Amish attire before … Read more

Freedom Becomes Paradise Lost Tonight on BREAKING AMISH: LA (VIDEO)

BREAKING AMISH: LA continues to surprise this week on TLC, with the cast returning home. Last week, Devon returned home to not so great a reception; sometimes, it is true what they say: You can’t go home again. At  least, you cannot go home again and expect anything more than a chilly reception. However, this … Read more