‘DCC: Making The Team’ Season 11: Kellie Pickler Visits Before Three-Cut Night, More On The Bubble

“Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” presented its penultimate episode of the season “Rehearsals With the Stars”, as Kellie Pickler offered sage advice about what it takes to set yourself apart while on a TV competition show. Then, Candace Romo returned to help Kelli Finglass and Judy Trammell narrow down choices for cutting the squad … Read more

‘DCC: Making the Team’ Season 11: Miss Kitty’s Enhanced Interrogation Techniques After Week 5

We spent week 5 of training camp with the cheerleader hopefuls on “DCC: Making the Team” and it was one busy episode. Cameo photos were taken, show group auditions were held and members named, and then there was the tornado named Miss Kitty. As she noted, when the ladies see her it can turn smiles … Read more

Judy Trammel, Kelli Finglass

DCC: Making The Team Season 11: Cut Night Produces New Victims, After Week 4 of Camp

During “Big Surprises”, there were cuts, a crazy hip-hop dance routine from guest choreographer Denise Dicharry and cheerleader candidates getting their bodies critiqued as the uniform fitting process got underway. Yes, it was that night on “DCC: Making the Team”. There were two office sessions, one very early in the episode, perhaps to spare the … Read more

Kelli Finglass and Judy Trammell on "DCC: Making the Team" Season 11

‘DCC: Making The Team’ Season 11: Whitney Spoke Up, Got Cut Making Kelli and Judy ‘Uncomfortable’,

“Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” gave us the makeover episode and Melissa Rycroft was back for a mentoring session, which also requires that she sit next to Judy and Kelli, watching practices. Does she catch sight of Judy and Kelli chatting, judging, eye-rolling and pronouncing people “lost”? RECAP of season finale: Do you agree … Read more

‘DCC: Making The Team Season 11’: Kelli Goes For the Jugular, First Week Of Training Camp

“Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” opened with the 47 hopeful candidates arriving at Valley Ranch for training camp, and it looked like Judy Trammell and Kelli Finglass decided to be brutally honest right away. While they were still supportive and hopeful, we heard them warning the ladies about attitude being as important as dancing … Read more