DUNGEON COVE, Discovery Channel. Photo: Garry Ripka of the FV Redeemer.

‘Dungeon Cove’ Expanding the ‘Deadliest Catch’ Franchise to Oregon on Discovery Channel in September!

UPDATED: What did readers think about Discovery’s sneak peek of “Dungeon Cove?” Read our recap and tell us! On Discovery Channel last night, as fans were closing out the season for fan-favorite mega-hit “Deadliest Catch,” they were able to see a sneak peek of an upcoming September spin-off of the “Deadliest Catch” franchise, “Dungeon Cove.” … Read more

DEADLIEST CATCH, Discovery Channel. Captain Sig on the F/V Northwestern.

‘Deadliest Catch’: Will There Be a Season 13 for Captain Sig on the ‘Northwestern’? (Video)

Last night on Discovery Channel, “Deadliest Catch” wrapped up for the season. It was the culmination of high expectations for fans, no doubt, who had been waiting all season to find out more about Captain Sig’s heart attack scare, that had been well-publicized in media outlets but not even teased this season by the network. … Read more

DEADLIEST CATCH, Discovery Channel. Captain Sig Hansen of the F/V Northwestern.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Season Finale: Edgar Stays Strong as Captain Sig Struggles to Survive Massive Heart Attack (Videos)

UPDATED: The Season Finale of “Deadliest Catch” wrapped up a lot of loose ends, but will there be a Season 13? Read the recap here on TVRuckus! Tonight, Discovery Channel mega-hit “Deadliest Catch” wraps up the crab fishing season with the Season Finale of the show. And, as viewers are no doubt anticipating, the storyline … Read more

DEADLIEST CATCH, Discovery Channel. Portrait of Captain Sig Hansen of the F/V Northwestern.

‘Deadliest Catch’ 2-Hour Special: Fans Finally Learn More about Captain Sig’s Heart Attack Tonight; Video Sneak Peek!

Tonight on Discovery Channel, the fleet moves forward along with the elusive crab on mega-hit series “Deadliest Catch.” But, more than that, fans finally get to see what they have been anticipating all season: Sig’s well-publicized heart attack. The situation has been a pretty well-kept secret–at least on the show itself–this season. While there has … Read more

Deadliest Catch, Josh Harris, Discovery Channel

‘Deadliest Catch’ Recap: Josh Harris Goes Crab-Set Rogue & Hits the Money Ball!

Last night on Discovery Channel hit series “Deadliest Catch,” Josh Harris hit the fabled crab ball motherlode, when he went his own way and set pots unconventionally around an area that appeared to be brimming with crab, via the radar. Captain Casey did not appear impressed, or particularly enthusiastic, about Josh’s choice, but it was … Read more