DOWNTON ABBEY Series Finale: Auld Lang Syne As The Crawleys Begin a New Chapter

Who didn’t get a bit misty when the family and help all sang as DOWNTON ABBEY said farewell to its fans and PBS? As noted in preview recaps of this season’s episodes, the writers got each and every person to fit in a box that represented the individual’s future. We also got those on the … Read more

Henry Talbot and Mary on "Downton Abbey"

DOWNTON ABBEY Recap: Escape From Servant Status Increases, Except For Mr. Barrow

DOWNTON ABBEY provided more of a look at how the major characters in the show will transition to new lives and careers during the latest episode. Daisy is part-way through taking her tests and she’ll have endless possibilities if she passes. There’s her life with Mr. Mason, but so much more if she wants it. … Read more

Mr. Mason and Mrs. Patmore on "Downton Abbey"

DOWNTON ABBEY: Robert’s Bloody Dinner Scene, What Did It Change?

DOWNTON ABBEY is known as a show in which the worst optics of death and illness have been kept off-screen. To break with that tradition in episode 5 of this final sixth season was not only shocking, but the ferocity of it knocked viewers off their chairs. A screen grab from the scene is posted … Read more

Elizabeth McGovern as Lady Cora on "Downton Abbey"

DOWNTON ABBEY Preview: Tom’s Back, Anna’s in London, Mary’s Beau Shows Up

Tonight on episode four of DOWNTON ABBEY’s final season, Lady Mary fulfills her promise to Anna Bates and gets a surprise visitor. That would be the¬†Henry Talbot, played by Matthew Goode, who we last saw leaving Mary wanting more as he said goodbye in the last season’s finale. We know that Mary has to be … Read more

Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson at the wedding, "Downton Abbey"

DOWNTON ABBEY Recap: Mrs. Hughes’ Wedding Coat Not Biggest Moment of the Day

DOWNTON ABBEY keeps reminding us that it’s the final season, by stressing how the characters are evolving with the times and wrapping up stories slowly but surely. But, no one could have envisioned the surprise at the conclusion of the episode. It not only upstaged the bride and groom, but contradicted what we believed to … Read more