Win the FAST N’ LOUD Bandit Car!

You could win the Bandit car! Last week, Part 1 of the Gas Monkey Bandit Car episode aired, and got fans’ memories flowing back to the 70s. This week, however, some real Bandit magic will have to take place for the car to get to New Orleans in time—and every Gas Monkey will have his … Read more

FAST N’ LOUD: Do Richard & Aaron Sink or Swim with Floating Amphicar Build?

A lot of shows take Thanksgiving week off, i.e. they air a rerun. But, not so with the Gas Monkey Garage gang on Discovery Channel’s FAST N’ LOUD! Now, true, a lot of FAST N’ LOUD has been about blatant product promotion and placement this season—Richard Rawlings if nothing if not a full-time business man … Read more

‘Oh My Goodness,’ Mark Cuban Is on FAST N LOUD Tonight! (VIDEO)

Mark Cuban is on Discovery Channel’s FAST N’ LOUD tonight, but some fans are not that crazy about the idea. I get it:  The last thing Fast N’ Loud fans, including myself, want to see is Richard and Aaron going all Teutul on us, doing nothing but “theme” builds. But, hey, who doesn’t like Mark … Read more

FAST N’ LOUD: Is Richard Stepping on Too Many Toes This Week? (VIDEO)

Tonight on Fast N’ Loud, Richard and the Gas Monkey Garage crew are back in full swing with the new season on Discovery Channel. But, are they making more enemies than friends? Following a day of Fast N’ Loud episodes to get fans geared up and ready for this week’s new show, there is both … Read more

Are Richard & Aaron Going ‘Teutul’ on FAST N’ LOUD Fans?

With the return of a new season of Fast N’ Loud on the Discovery Channel, and a “Diet Mountain Dew” build for racing superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr., fans appear to be asking the same question over and over in discussions on and off the Web:  Are Richard and Aaron going “Teutul” on their builds? Last … Read more