Ghost Stalkers

GHOST STALKERS Moves to Thursdays, Travels to Holmesburg Prison Tonight (Video Preview)

GHOST STALKERS has moved to Thursdays, so that means fans need to get ready for all-new ghost thrills and chills tonight on Destination America. Have you ever had a near-death experience? The hosts of GHOST STALKERS have, and they have become eternally motivated by what they went through, pushing them to seek what is on … Read more

A silhouette in a dark hallway during a night investigation.

GHOST STALKERS Visits Old Taylor Memorial Hospital in Hawkinsville, GA (Video Sneak Peek)

Fans of supernatural programming have found a winner in Destination America’s GHOST STALKERS. And, hosts Chad Lindberg and John E.L. Tenney are doing more each week than just walking viewers through new ghostly sites; they know what it is like to experience the supernatural and have questions after. Chad and John both claim to have … Read more

John and Chad on GHOST STALKERS

GHOST STALKERS Investigates Abandoned Insane Asylum in Maryland Tonight! (Video Sneak Peek)

What happens after you die? Two men on Destination America series GHOST STALKERS are committed to finding out the answer. Chad Lindberg and John E.L. Tenney, i.e. the GHOST STALKERS, are two men who have had near-death experiences leading them to explore one of life’s biggest unanswered questions: What happens after you die? Lindberg is … Read more

Ghost Stalkers

GHOST ASYLUM Renewed, GHOST STALKERS Debuts Tonight on Destination America! (Video)

Capturing ghosts may be the central mission in Destination America’s hottest new show, GHOST ASYLUM, but in its first season, it also captured the network’s top ratings claims year to-date. The series currently ranks as Destination America’s Top Series Ever among W25-54 and W18-49 among both rating and delivery. The hit series follows the most … Read more