Rick Ness Parker Schnable's crew chief on Discovery's "Gold Rush"

‘Gold Rush’ Season 7: Parker and Rick Go At It, as Indian River Produces (VIDEO)

Early season episodes of “Gold Rush” were full of hope and promise, but in the fifteenth show of the season, titled “Parker vs. Rick”, a late season success story causes strife between close friends. The title tells us the identity of the participants but without watching, we won’t know what kicked it off. In other … Read more

Tony and Minnie Beets on "Gold Rush"

‘Gold Rush’ Season 7: Todd Hoffman Sees Glimmer of Hope at the Buckland (VIDEO)

“Gold Rush” continues with the dreadful season for Todd Hoffman’s crew and they could sure use even a scrap of good news. In “Lifeline”, they are more than seven weeks in at the Buckland, and mined a season total of $80,000 worth of gold. It has put Todd so deep in the hole he keeps repeating … Read more

Parker Schnable on "Gold Rush" standing in front of a washplant in 2013

‘Gold Rush’ Washplants Special: History of Crews’ ‘Monster Machines’ (VIDEO)

Discovery packaged a great one-hour special edition of “Gold Rush” highlighting the heavy machinery that produces the gold for Parker Schnable, Todd Hoffman and Tony Beets. Catch a short look at “Monster Machines” posted below to get the flavor of it all. There’s only one thing that sends the crews into bouts of anger and … Read more

GOLD RUSH, Discovery Channel. Season 7. Todd Hoffman.

‘Gold Rush’ Season 7: Why Won’t Todd Hoffman Admit Defeat, Move On? (VIDEO)

“Gold Rush” returns Friday night on Discovery in the aftermath of Todd Hoffman’s team walking off the Buckland site. The episode is appropriately titled “Abandonment”, and from the sneak peeks of the episode it looks like Hoffman needs counseling both in the business and personal sense.  SNEAK PEEK of latest: Weeks after losing his team Todd’s … Read more

Jack & Todd Hoffman, Gold Rush

‘Gold Rush’ Season 7: Todd Hoffman’s Lack of Leadership Loses Inner Circle,

Todd Hoffman stood silent, and when he wasn’t, clichés spilled from his mouth on the latest “Gold Rush” titled “Game Over”. It may be the worst display of ineffective leadership ever recorded in the seven seasons of the show. Last week Freddie Dodge walked off the Buckland site and now Andy and Dave left their … Read more