‘Homeland’ ‘Sock Puppets’ Recap: Quinn vs. Dar Guess Who Won?

“Homeland” returned to what it does best, and that is the spy business. In “Sock Puppets”, in addition to learning what that means in a tech world context, we reached the peak of Dar Adal’s treachery. Thanks to Max, we found out that there is a massive effort underway to spread more “fake” news than … Read more

Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn on season 6 "Homeland" episode "Sock Puppets"

‘Homeland’: A Sad Video Good-Bye To Astrid, As Quinn Goes Rogue (VIDEO)

Updated with recap of episode 9 “Sock Puppets”. Fake news comes to “Homeland”. “Homeland” season 6 ups the ante on tension in the episode “Sock Puppets”. Last week we watched a life snuffed out and Peter Quinn was responsible. Tonight he goes dark, using the faculties he has left to seek vengeance for Astrid’s death. … Read more

Patrick Sabongui as Reda Hashem and Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison on season six "Homeland"

‘Homeland’ Recap: In ‘Imminent Risk’ Dar Adal The Puppet Master, Neutralized His Enemies

The “Homeland”master spy who everyone knows not to trust, Dar Adal is pulling off something on American soil that used to be his stock in trade on the world stage. In “Imminent Risk”, we learned who manipulated the puppet strings for more than one situation the show presented this season. Astrid didn’t devise the plan … Read more

Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in HOMELAND (Season 6, Episode 05, "Casus Belli"

‘Homeland’ Recap: A Caged Peter Quinn Confronts Carrie, ‘You Said Protect Franny’ (VIDEO)

“Homeland” episode six, titled “The Return” takes us further into the quagmire of who’s responsible for the bomb placed in the van driven by Sekou Bah. Quinn was suspicious of the man who lives across the street from Carrie Mathison and now Carrie understands why. Update after episode aired, posted below.  She looked at the … Read more

Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in HOMELAND (Season 6, Episode 05, "Casus Belli"

‘Homeland’ Recap: Quinn Is Either the Best Or Worst Babysitter of All Time

Updated: Preview of next episode. Quinn demands an answer from Carrie, “You said protect Frannie” “Homeland” just served up a tasty morsel in the latest episode “Casus Belli”. It’s now post-bombing and for some reason Carrie Mathison thought it was a normal day and her daughter’s nursery school would be open. It took her boss … Read more