HOMELAND Parody From Sesame Street Starring ‘Baaah-Rody’

Ever wonder what HOMELAND would look and sound like if the characters were sheep and one wolf in sheep’s clothing? Wonder no more. A brilliant spoof of the Showtime Emmy Award-winning drama was posted today on the Sesame Street Youtube channel entitled “Homelamb”.  For those that remember the brilliant Shari Lewis and her lovable character … Read more

HOMELAND: Carrie Strip Search Means Saul’s Back in Business

With a thunderclap of an episode, HOMELAND made us forget we haven’t seen Brody in what seems like ages and how peeved we were about the plot twist revealed last week. In “The Yoga Play”, all was answered about the mission that had Carrie institutionalized and shamed in a Congressional hearing. Yes, Carrie volunteered to … Read more

HOMELAND: Mike Faber Returns and Dick Cheney’s Connection

HOMELAND stayed with action in the U.S. during “Game On” which means fans never got a glimpse of Sgt. Nicholas Brody. At least we know why he landed in Caracas, Venezuela after learning that the “follow the money” exercise nailed down the Iranian terrorist connection with banks and that country. Mike Faber shows up Out … Read more