Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in HOMELAND (Season 6, Episode 05, "Casus Belli"

‘Homeland’ Recap: Quinn Is Either the Best Or Worst Babysitter of All Time

Updated: Preview of next episode. Quinn demands an answer from Carrie, “You said protect Frannie” “Homeland” just served up a tasty morsel in the latest episode “Casus Belli”. It’s now post-bombing and for some reason Carrie Mathison thought it was a normal day and her daughter’s nursery school would be open. It took her boss … Read more

Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn on "Homeland" season 6

‘Homeland’ Ep. 4 Recap: With Only One Arm Quinn Is Biggest Badass in Town

Updated with recap of next episode. Quinn vs. SWAT finally made Carrie pay attention! Season six of “Homeland” finally found its next gear in last night’s episode, “A Flash of Light”. Peter Quinn was given a role as more than a devastated former agent with PTSD and limited mobility. His time in Carrie’s home proved … Read more

Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn, Claire/McKenna Keane as Franny, and Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in HOMELAND (Season 6, Episode 03)

‘Homeland’ Season 6 Ep. Recap: Carrie’s Hubris, Iran’s Secrets (VIDEO

“Homeland” Season 6 episode 3 titled “The Covenant” delivers the results of Carrie’s flouting of a court order. It did not take long for her brazen disregard to bear fruit; unfortunately she isn’t the one paying the price. Sekou, the teen set up by the FBI, now being held in custody, had a plea bargain … Read more

Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn on "Homeland" Season 6

‘Homeland’ Season 6: ‘Why Did You Save Me?’ Quinn Asks Carrie

“Homeland” ramped up the action for Carrie Mathison in her new professional role during “The Man in the Basement”. We got introduced to her personal connection with the president-elect. When asked, Carrie denied to Saul’s face that she is helping during the transition to set Elizabeth Keane’s agenda and he believed her. Preview next episode, … Read more

Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in Season 6 "Homeland" on Showtime

‘Homeland’ Returns for Season 6: Who’s Back and What Is Our Carrie Up To? (VIDEO)

“Homeland” uses New York as its base of operations in its sixth season that premieres on Showtime, Sunday January 15. ¬†As you might expect, Carrie Mathison chose Brooklyn over Manhattan as her new home with Frannie. Her career is now that of a legal rights advocate on behalf of those targeted by law enforcement at … Read more