Summer arrives on Great Slave Lake; Ice Lake Rebels; Animal Planet

ICE LAKE REBELS Recap: Community Love the Message of the Night as Summer Arrives on Great Slave

Another winter has warmed into spring for the residents of Great Slave Lake, and the ICE LAKE REBELS are welcoming the warmer weather on Animal Planet with gusto, as temperatures hover around 60-degrees F. “Some people really hate saying goodbye to winter; I mean the simplicity of just driving to your house, you can’t really … Read more

Ice Lake Rebels, Animal Planet

ICE LAKE REBELS Headlines ‘World Premiere Sunday’ On Animal Planet Tonight!

It’s an evening of World Premieres tonight on Animal Planet, with RUGGED JUSTICE, NORTH WOODS LAW, and fan-favorite hit ICE LAKE REBELS, all lining up for a Sunday night of outdoor living. Tonight, Animal Planet fans will go behind the scenes on some of their favorite shows, and hear from the people who make Sunday … Read more

Vee Lake, Ice Lake Rebels, Animal Planet

ICE LAKE REBELS: Pike Mike Decides to Return to Great Slave

It looks like Pike Mike doesn’t crave alone time as much as he thought on Animal Planet series ICE LAKE REBELS! “Pike” Mike has been trying to get some space all alone somewhere for weeks, now. He found a space but, soon after, was distressed to find that people had moved in practically on top … Read more

Vee Lake, Allyce & Dora, Animal Planet

ICE LAKE REBELS: How Much Isolation Is Enough for These Houseboaters?

Last night on Animal Planet’s ICE LAKE REBELS, fans of the show–and curious onlookers of houseboat living–saw both extremes of the life: the problems of solitude and the close-knit community that living off-the-grid of everyday society can produce. One reason some houseboaters like life on the lake is the fact that they want to be … Read more

Ice Lake Rebels, Animal Planet

ICE LAKE REBELS: Water, Water Everywhere but How Do You Get It in the Houseboat?

Last night, winter was not giving the residents of Great Slave Lake any slack on ICE LAKE REBELS on Animal Planet. It had been a month since the freeze, and the challenges just keep coming. Molly is great. We love her spirit and determination. Last night, she was looking for an easier way to get … Read more