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KENDRA ON TOP Preview: Fun With Dad, Hell With Mom

KENDRA ON TOP is all new tonight with back-to-back episodes on WE tv. It’s a nice break for Kendra and her fans because the action begins in Costa Rica. Last week’s visit there to meet up with long lost father Eric seemed to help her a bit, so Kendra Wilkinson decided to take him up … Read more

Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Explains Hank Baskett Tapes on Access Hollywood Live

Kendra Wilkinson told ACCESS HOLLYWOOD LIVE that unlike what’s going on this season on her WE tv reality show, KENDRA ON TOP, she and Hank Baskett are not only going to make it but are “…going to be together forever.” In the latest KENDRA ON TOP episodes aired last night, Wilkinson was still clueless about … Read more

Kendra Wilkinson

KENDRA ON TOP Preview: Counseling and Daddy Issues

KENDRA ON TOP goes to Costa Rica and couples therapy tonight in back-to-back new episodes on WE tv. Kendra Wilkinson’s taken advice from all quarters about the state of her marriage to Hank Baskett. He has yet to come clean about what he claims is the truth of the matter that blew their marriage up: … Read more

Hugh Hefner, Kendra Wilkinson

KENDRA ON TOP Preview: Hugh Hefner To The Rescue

During tonight’s new episodes of KENDRA ON TOP Kendra Wilkinson seeks advice from the men in her life. With Hank out of the house and his friends clamming up, what men are there to help? Hold on to your hats for this news. In a show titled “Where’s Poppa?” Hugh Hefner, former lover and benefactor … Read more

Hank Baskett

KENDRA ON TOP: Tired of Waiting for Hank Baskett’s ‘Truth’

This new season of KENDRA ON TOP has driven this viewer a bit crazy for its inability to get to the point, the entire point of why we are watching. Did Hank Baskett, Kendra Wilkinson’s husband cheat on her with a transsexual? If there is another compelling reason for the show’s great ratings so far … Read more