Sheila and Nathan Duhon, "Married at First Sight" Season 5

‘Married at First Sight’ Ep. 3 Recap: Nathan’s Mom, Ashley’s Sister Look Like Trouble

During episode three “The Wedding Night”, all three couples were on the same page after spending the night together. Nobody consummated the marriage, according to them, but they were still glowing about it all. “Married at First Sight” season five’s couples looked like giddy teens as they met their families and got ready to pack … Read more

On the right: Vanessa and Tre, on the left, David and Ashley on their wedding day.. Season 3 "Married At First Sight"

Vanessa, David Get Second Chances on ‘Married At First Sight’: What Do We Expect?

Vanessa and David, veterans of “Married At First Sight” season three, are back on TV. It all begins Thursday night April 27 on Lifetime, when “Second Chances” debuts. Each had different paths to get to this point, but their matches didn’t work for them. The format of the new show is simple. Men and women … Read more

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT: Did You See Sam and Ashley’s New Looks On ‘Six Months Later’?

The ladies stepped up their game on the ‘Six Months Later’ special to end MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Season 3. Who didn’t look at Sam and Ashley as they stepped on the set with Dr. Pepper Schwartz and wonder, “Where were they all season long?” It’s got to be a wakeup call to see what … Read more

Neil and Sam before decision on "Married At First Sight"

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Season Finale: Vanessa & Tres Succeed, Sam Dumped Then Plans Vacation After Neil’s Decision

The sobbing continued for a long time last night on the season three finale of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT, and then just like that, in the next scene of Neil and Sam together, she was chirping like a bird and running off to finalize a trip to Costa Rica. What? Samantha was rejected by husband … Read more

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Season 3 Finale: Will Vanessa Trust Tres, Can Sam & Neil Make It?

Two couples are left to make their decision tonight on the season three finale of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT. Vanessa and Tres as well as Sam and Neil are on the hot seats, sitting opposite the show’s experts who put them together for this experiment. ¬†Finale recap, here.¬† Last week, one couple went down in … Read more