Ashley and David, "Married At First Sight"

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Wedding Night Recap: Friend Zone For Neil, Vanessa Fears Tres’ Commitment

The wedding nights and first days of the honeymoons were explored on the latest episode of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Season 3. Two couples landed in the Virgin Islands, while one traveled to Arizona and we got to see some patterns we’ve become accustomed to from previous seasons. There was one big turnaround that was … Read more

Neil and Sam on Married At First Sight Season 3

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Preview: Sam Tells Neil ‘I’m Not Attracted To You’ (VIDEO)

On the next episode of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT season 3, we’re in post-wedding mode for the three couples. Only one of them hinted there might be a wedding night consummation of the marriage and it wasn’t Neil and Sam. You’d have to look at Vanessa and Tres for that possibility. When we interviewed her … Read more

Samantha and Neil Bowlus at their wedding "Married at First Sight" Season 3

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Season 3: Was Sam’s Behavior Too Much While Marrying Neil?

We were in attendance this week at Sam and Neil Bowlus’ wedding on season three of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT. The two were paired together by the show’s experts for a few reasons. They are both products of a mixed ethnic background, frequently use humor during conversation, have established careers and were called “quirky”. Does … Read more

Vanessa Nelson on season 3 of "Married at First Sight"

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Season 3 Weddings Show: Vanessa and David Reveal How They Coped With Fear

All three couples got through their weddings and well into their receptions on last night’s MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT, season three. There was that hiccup when Tres got off the podium before saying “I do” that left us hanging from ┬álast week’s show, and it turned out to be a heartwarming moment. But, it certainly … Read more

Ashley Doherty on "Married at First Sight" Season 3

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Ep. 2 Preview: Awkward Altar Moments For A Second Couple (VIDEO)

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT has begun season three and in the premiere, we were left with a cliffhanger involving Vanessa and Tres. Before saying “I do”, Tres paused for a long while, then promptly walked away from the altar, leaving Vanessa and the audience wondering if he was in full-on flight mode. In the video … Read more