Season 2 couples "Married At First Sight"

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Preview: Adapt To Manhattan Already, Davina Tells Sean (VIDEO)

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT has progressed to the stage where the couples have to choose where to live and Davina is displeased about how Sean is adapting, or not, to living in the Big Apple. You’d think we’d be past the difficult stuff, you know like meeting someone at the altar and saying “I do”, … Read more

Davina and Sean

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Recap: Merry Christmas, Where Will We Live?

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT changed the scenery as the couples left their honeymoon locations and landed back in New York and New Jersey. Not only did they have to decide where to live, but it was just a few days until Christmas. While the couples are wildly different, they all demonstrated the willingness to work … Read more

Jaclyn and Ryan

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Preview: Jaclyn Finally Sees The Light With Ryan (VIDEO Sneak Peek)

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT has reached the post-honeymoon phase of the experiment in matching strangers who don’t meet until they are at the altar ready to take vows. In the video clip posted below, you’ll notice there has been a noticeable shift in attitudes. Update: recap of the show. Jaclyn and Ryan Ranellone had what … Read more

Davina Kullar Varricchio

Sean Shines, Ryan De Nino Fails Communication 101 on MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT

Communication was the theme of the night on MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT during the final days of the couples’ honeymoons and we saw three different approaches to deal with what problems exist between them. The experts who chose the couples for MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT said what you’d expect, about this being the key to … Read more

Ryan and Jaclyn

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Sneak Peek: Who Isn’t Fighting Fair on the Honeymoon? (VIDEO)

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT returns to the honeymoons in progress for couples Ryan and Jaclyn, Sean and Davina and Ryan and Jessica. We saw a bit of trouble brewing in the last episode but tonight on “Honeymoons” even the couple that seemed the happiest comes face-to-face with their first real argument. Sean and Davina are … Read more