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Has History Channel’s ‘Mountain Men’ Reached the End of Its Storytelling Road?

It’s a new week on History Channel’s hit series “Mountain Men,” and tonight everything is going forward … isn’t it? “Mountain Men” has always been one of our favorites. But, it seems like it is kind of mired down at this point, with very little happening. The weekly episode description could almost be written in … Read more

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‘Mountain Men’: Will a Hunger-Motivated Morgan Find Food for Himself & Rufus Tonight?

Tonight on an all-new episode of “Mountain Men,” things are going forward for Morgan, who hasn’t had a lot of good news happening in his world lately. It’s cold, he’s hungry, his animals are hungry, and the land is not offering a lot of help to remedy his situation. Could that change tonight? Last week, … Read more

"Mountain Men," History Channel. Eustace Conway & Preston.

‘Mountain Men’: Eustace Conway Returns Tonight with a Golden Opportunity in North Carolina!

History Channel’s fan-favorite hit series “Mountain Men” returned last week, bringing back Rich, Tom, Marty and Morgan. This week, fans can expect to catch up with Eustace. Eustace has been a constant with “Mountain Men,” but he does not tend to be as universally well-liked as, for example, Tom. Fans tend to have nothing but … Read more

Eustace Conway and his dog, of HISTORY's Mountain Men Photo by Karolina Wojtasik/HISTORY Copyright 2016

‘Mountain Men’ Season Premiere Recap: Rich Takes a Nasty Fall & Morgan Flounders in Alaska

Last night, another season of “Mountain Men” premiered on History Channel. Tom, Eustace, Rich, Marty and Morgan all returned, and fans got the update on Morgan they were particularly interested in from last season. But, in all honesty, it was a disappointing revelation. Perhaps because he was taking such a risk, buying property he’d never … Read more

Mountain Man Morgan. History Channel hit series MOUNTAIN MEN.

‘Mountain Men’ Season Premiere: Is Morgan on His Way Out Tonight?

Tonight, fan-favorite History Channel hit series “Mountain Men” returns for an all-new season. And, although the network has not been overly prolific with details about what viewers can expect in the upcoming episodes, two cast questions are answered with the description of tonight’s Season Premiere: Both Tom and Morgan are returning. There have been hints … Read more