Christina On MY 600-LB LIFE: Family Almost Loved Her To Death

Christina’s story on TLC’s MY 600-LB LIFE had its ups and downs but ultimately the 22 year-old overcame the inability of her family to help her, rather than love her to death, literally A loving mom and husband could not bear to see her unhappy and fed her what she wanted, or what was easy … Read more

Sneak Peek: 22 Year-Old Christina on MY 600-lb LIFE (VIDEO)

This week, TLC’s MY 600-LB LIFE focuses on a 22 year-old girl named Christina who reached the point of no return. Christina resides in Mississippi and is married to Zach, who along with Christina’s mom takes full-time care of her. Her mom tears up when she tells viewers that her daughter calls herself a burden. … Read more

MY 600-lb LIFE: Chuck Saved By Wife’s Divorce Threat?

Chuck and wife Nissa were on the edge of splitting up as the latest episode of MY 600-lb LIFE began. We watched as divorce papers were filed and a months-long separation was managed. Lesson learned. Marriage is difficult and while morbid obesity played a part in the marital woes, the complaints were similar to other … Read more

Sneak Peek: Chuck’s Story on MY 600-lb. LIFE (VIDEO)

Tonight on MY 600-lb. LIFE, we will learn about Chuck, a 46 year-old man from Texas whose family life, never mind his health are hanging by a thread. After last week’s episode about Penny, one can only hope things go better for Chuck. UPDATE: After seeing the show, do you think Chuck’s wife helped him … Read more

Backlash After Penny’s Story On ‘My 600-lb Life’

Update: Story of Tracey, legs weigh more than the rest of her body Penny’s story on last night’s show, “My 600-lb Life” provoked strong reactions.┬áThe TLC reality series chronicles the tale of one person an episode and takes viewers through a year in the life of someone struggling on a daily basis, at a size … Read more