MY 600-LB LIFE: Tara And Best-Worst of the Season

MY 600-LB LIFE concluded its season with Tara’s struggle to conquer demons and unhealthy living after peaking at 606 lbs. by the age of 35. Tara’s two children live with her and her mother in Louisiana and as we have found with other patients on the show, she has reached the stage of despair. Darren, … Read more

VIDEO Preview: Tara on MY 600-LB LIFE Season Finale

TLC’s series MY 600-LB LIFE airs its series finale Tuesday night February 25, with the story of Tara, who we learn eats six times a day. Tara, 35 is a single mother of two children who resides in Louisiana with them, her mother and stepfather. Like Penny in an earlier episode of MY 600-LB LIFE, … Read more

MY 600-LB LIFE: James Finds Love Online, Loses 350 Lbs.

James, a Texas man who reached 750 lbs. was the subject of an uplifting story on the latest MY 600-LB LIFE on TLC. It was a different type of tale than other folks featured on the show. Although he resided with his mother, James did not hide from life, maintaining a job as an accountant. … Read more

Sneak Peek: James on MY 600-LB LIFE, Waiting To Date (VIDEO)

Tonight’s episode of TLC’s MY 600-LB LIFE features James. a 38 year-old Texas man who at his top weight he tipped the scales at 750 lbs. James is the product of a family that is full of obesity. He already lost an older sister as well as his dad to complications from being morbidly obese. … Read more

Paula on MY 600-LB. LIFE: Therapy Produces Results for Child Abuse Victim

Paula’s story on MY 600-LB. LIFE was an emotional roller coaster to watch, but brought viewers a look at one other significant issue faced by the morbidly obese patients treated by Dr. Younan Nowzaradan at his Houston, Texas clinic. For the first time on MY 600-LB. LIFE we watched as a patient marched into a … Read more