‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Season 3 Tell-All Part 2: Lennie ‘Fesses Up, Comedian Trashes Whitney

“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” presents part 2 of the season ending tell-all show “The Skinny” featuring former boyfriend Lennie and comedian Keeryn Feehan, who antagonized Whitney Thore on live radio. Their confrontation continued after the comedian’s stage show which Whitney chose to attend with Buddy in tow. RECAP posted below. At one point on … Read more

‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Season 3 Tell-All: Whitney & Lennie Face Off On ‘The Skinny Part 1’ (VIDEO)

It’s time for a season 3 tell-all and review on “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” including an update of what’s occurred since filming ended. Sit back and enjoy “The Skinny Part 1” tonight at 9 p.m. on TLC.┬áThe Thore extended family members join Whitney Thore, Babs and Glenn, with one big hole in the lineup. … Read more

Whitney on her date wtih Lenny on 'My Big Fat Fab Life"

‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Season 3: Whitney and Lennie, Breakup Or Just Taking A Break? (VIDEO)

Tonight on “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” Whitney Thore has a talk with boyfriend Lennie in the episode “Big Fat Breakup”. She expresses a desire for something more in their relationship, but she can’t quite put her finger on what that might be. Preview Season 3 Tell-All Part 2: Comedian drives Whitney from the studio … Read more

‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Whitney’s Cookie-Bite Defense Was Sad, And Final Straw For Will

In the latest installment of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” Whitney Thore lost the unflinching support of some closest to her in “Flirting With Disaster”, because she maintained her opposition to changing her unhealthy eating habits. Todd and Will changed position, one directly to her face and it’s possible more will follow. Once again, credit … Read more

Whitney Thore in a dance class on "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" Season 3

‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Season 3: Noise Gets Louder About Whitney’s Size And Eating (VIDEO)

“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” mentions the “F” word more than usual tonight on the episode, “Fat Jokes”. A comedian guest on the radio program goes strong into the notion that fat people are lazy, and hungry all the time, making them cranky. Here’s a question: was this planned or was it set up just … Read more