Amish Mafia: Season Two Finds Lebanon Levi in Dire Straits

Is there an Amish Mafia? According to the Discovery Channel, yes, there is, and they are exposing themselves once again in Season Two of the popular reality series, AMISH MAFIA. Woes of Lebanon Levi Lebanon Levi is the man in charge of keeping peace in the Amish community of Lancaster, PA. He and his team … Read more

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian News Juicier Than TV Show

  Keeping Up With the Kardashians on E! airs another new episode on Sunday in the reality show’s latest season. In a sneak peek video on the show’s website, you can watch as Kim cramps Bruce’s style by taking over the garage at Mom’s house. She is moving  in and Bruce is none to pleased … Read more

Gold Rush: What the Frick Todd Hoffman?

Who goes gold mining in the middle of a desert with no water? That would be Todd Hoffman, Discovery Channel’s fearless leader of the hit series, Gold Rush. One has to wonder what goes through Todd’s head sometimes; he seems to be awfully gullible. A beach with MILLIONS of dollars, maybe BILLIONS, even, available for … Read more

Bravo’s Eat, Drink, Love Intros LA Ladies of Food

Bravo’s Eat, Drink, Love debuts this Sunday night August 11 and its premise is a good one. It follows five single women who are pursuing careers in and around the food scene in Los Angeles.  A private chef, a pasty chef and business owner, a food critic, a publicist and a co-owner/marketing chief have been … Read more