Gold Rush: What the Frick Todd Hoffman?

Who goes gold mining in the middle of a desert with no water? That would be Todd Hoffman, Discovery Channel’s fearless leader of the hit series, Gold Rush. One has to wonder what goes through Todd’s head sometimes; he seems to be awfully gullible. A beach with MILLIONS of dollars, maybe BILLIONS, even, available for … Read more

Bravo’s Eat, Drink, Love Intros LA Ladies of Food

Bravo’s Eat, Drink, Love debuts this Sunday night August 11 and its premise is a good one. It follows five single women who are pursuing careers in and around the food scene in Los Angeles.  A private chef, a pasty chef and business owner, a food critic, a publicist and a co-owner/marketing chief have been … Read more

Hatfields & McCoys: Will White Lightning Bring Feuding Families Together?

The Hatfields and McCoys don’t seem to have a lot in common—or, actually, maybe they have more in common than they think! One thing they seem to have absolutely in common is that they cannot stop fighting, whether it be with bankers, policemen or each other. But, they did manage to come to the same … Read more

Exclusive TVRuckus Interview with Uzi from truTVs ‘Container Wars’

Fans of truTVs Container Wars have come to know Uzi, Shlomi and Eyal as simply, “The Israelis.” And, they know them as the successful—REALLY successful—businessmen they are today. But, there is more to them than just what you see each week on television. TVRuckus reporter Mechele R. Dillard had the opportunity to ask Uzi a … Read more

Farm Kings: Mom Lisa Says ‘Sneaky’ Works to Get What She Needs Done

  Farm Kings aired a new episode on Great American Country last night. Farm Kings is really one of the great examples of what reality television CAN be when the network wants a good family show and the subjects of the show have something good to share. Lisa is the mom. Overall, she appears to be a … Read more